your skin while travelling

How to look after your skin well while travelling

Ahh travel, how we have missed you! Whilst some people have still had to travel during the Pandemic for work, most of us have been at home and dreaming of the days when we can see the World again. Travelling can really take its toll on your skin though, so, while we are still in the planning phase of travelling, it’s worth considering how to take good care of your skin while you are travelling.

Drink up!

Flying can really dry out your skin as can any mode of transport which has air conditioning. The ultimate way to treat your skin well is to make sure your body is well hydrated. I absolutely love a glass of water and I feel slightly panicked when I travel if I don’t have one with me. Invest in an insulated bottle to keep the contents cold for hours at a time, even in the midday sun. If you aren’t as enamoured with water as I am there are lots of little tricks that will help you to find a way to enjoy your drink. Try adding different fruit, cucumber or mint to your drink, or add a little splash of sugar-free squash to your water or sparkling water to make it more interesting.


Protecting your skin from the suns’ harmful rays is a must. We understand so much more about the damaging effects of sun exposure and the premature ageing of the skin than we ever have done. If you are concerned about the effects of the sun on your face and décolletage it is well worth using a sunscreen from Skinstation for those areas. Many face creams now have an SPF included within the product but we use so little that it isn’t as effective as a stand alone product.

Keep up your routine

At the end of the day make sure you use a night cream such as Nourish and Restore from EthicaCBD Skincare Products. If your skin regularly feels irritated, tight, itchy or looks dull and lifeless it may be time to try CBD which has been championed for its restorative power and has demonstrated powerful results on all skin types.

Apply a moisturising mask

Applying a face mask specifically for hydrating skin will give you a boost and help limit the damage done when you’re subjected to drying conditions.

Putting a face mask on can also be incorporated into your self-care routine and almost enforce taking some time out to yourself which is always a must, whether you are travelling or at home.

Eat well

Eating the local cuisine wherever you go will often indirectly help your skin. So often the local delicacies are made using super-fresh ingredients which are so good for us.

If you’re near the coast you should have easy access to a multitude of fresh seafood and fish. Containing Omega-3 oils, potassium, iodine, selenium and zinc these are a great addition to your diet. Also trying new fruit and vegetables is a fantastic way of immersing yourself in the local culture as well as being good for your health. Now which ones to choose?

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