does corporate gifting work in 2022

Does Corporate Gifting Work In 2022?

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We all love gifts and surprises our friends and family give to express love. It makes us feel cherished. Considering how appreciative gifting is, many businesses followed the same technique back in the day.

Organizations gifted employees presents to acknowledge them, such as a visa prepaid card, or specially customized gifts. Clients also received a blissful share. But is corporate gifting still a thing with newer and monetary tokens of appreciation? 

Long story short, corporate gifting still works. But due to the whole pandemic fiasco, companies had to put a pause on the practice. Employees miss the spirit of giving gifts to colleagues. Corporate gifts remind recipients there’s someone behind the logo.

We have covered everything about corporate gifting for you in this blog.

Why Should Businesses Bring Corporate Gifting Back?

Employees scrutinize corporate sectors for not appreciating them enough. People want to break free from corporate chains and start their venture or join a company where management cares about giving due credit. 

Corporate gifting is one solution in such cases. The companies who have adopted this approach report that the budget spent on gifts is worth its weight in gold. They have seen clear results of improvement within a short period. 

As per Forbes:

  • In 80% of cases, gifts have improved relationships with employees or clients.
  • 48% of cases reported gifting delivered a substantial benefit. 
  • Gifting helped gain customer loyalty.
  • Gifting boosted employee retention.

These are only some ways that corporate gifting has paid businesses back. Seeing the solid results, introducing corporate gifting back into the business will only be a good step.

We also have some ideas to share if you want to set a corporate gifting trend in your company. Hand-crafted, sustainable, and beautifully created customized corporate gifts top the list. You can also save a great deal of time by using online portals like Lynnliana for sourcing corporate gifts.

We also have other gift suggestions that are divided into categories to simplify the choices further.

Tips to Find an Ideal Corporate Gift

The right corporate gift will spark a response and be a source of motivation for employees. Whoever the recipient is, a gift will propel them to the next level in a business relationship.

Being personal and thoughtful are the keys to sending meaningful gifts. If you choose a functional, personalized, and valuable gift, your brand will be more human. People do business when they know the person behind it. 

Corporate gifts should bring emotion, inspire joy, and encourage loyalty. If you are careful about choosing the right products, packaging, and message, you can accomplish your corporate gift-giving goals. 

These tips can help you select the best corporate gift.

1. Let Your Employees Enjoy High-Quality Gifts

You should think of items that perform unique functions other than traditional pen and paper. Don’t forget to be subtle when branding. Go for professional and stylish boxes or wrappings when branding gifts.

2. With A Personal Message, You’ll Know Your Employees Better

Corporate gifting is all about making your employees or team members feel acknowledged. You can give your employees anything, but if it has a personal message that subtly speaks to their personality, they’ll love it even more. 

A personal message can be a simple thank you, a compliment, praise, or anything short and motivational.

3. Be Proactive and Plan Beforehand

Although we emphasize to our clients the importance and necessity of planning every year, it will be even more vital this year. 

Global supply chain issues have caused price increases, inventory shortfalls, shipping delays, and other problems that could escalate. If you plan the budget now and place orders well in advance, your chances of getting the best gifts are better.

4. Don’t Forget The Holidays!

This is a great time to give appreciation gifts to employees or clients. Some of the most meaningful gifts can be given when least expected. Keep track of important milestones and send more thoughtful gifts every year by tracking them.

While we discussed what to consider when planning for corporate gifts, it’s a necessity that we also talk about some trending corporate gifts that never fail.

5 Top Trending Corporate Gift Ideas 

Our list of corporate gifts includes:

  1. Customized Resin Trays 
  2. Food Hampers
  3. Brand Tech Items
  4. Backpacks
  5. Customized Mug Set

Let’s look at the features that make these gift ideas unique. 

1. Customized Resin Trays 

Resin trays are beautifully designed serving trays that have glitters or other decorative material incorporated into them. These can be customized in terms of shades and patterns. Plus, they are highly aesthetic and useful. If trays seem extra, you can also gift resin coasters. 

2. Customized Tech Items

Customized tech items are hands down one of the most thoughtful corporate gifts.  Employees will appreciate holiday gifts that help them manage their daily work tasks seamlessly. The best part is that the handy tech items can be given to both on-site workers and remote workers with your organization’s branding.

3. Food Hampers

Unique food hampers can be a powerful way to leave a lasting impression on your clients and employees. It has been shown that the senses of smell and texture can create deeper memories and emotions, making a lasting impression on your employees. 

Combine the durability of branded products with the culinary benefits that food offers.

4. Backpacks

Backpacks or bags are a great holiday gift idea that can be used for both employees and their families. You can also combine them with other gift options to make a high-end holiday gift package. Opt for versatile bags that can be used for outdoor activities such as hiking and camping yet have enough space to hold a laptop and other travel necessities.

5. Mug Set

It shouldn’t surprise you that most Americans consume at least one cup of coffee per day. You and your employees will enjoy a corporate gift set with coffee grounds, cookies to munch on, and a custom-made ceramic mug.

It’s A Wrap!

Your employees have been experiencing a lot of stress because of COVID-19. They are still trying to adjust to changes in their lifestyles. Therefore, starting the practice of giving corporate gifts will indeed cheer them up. Also, it is most likely to create a positive environment in your office.

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