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Why Luxury Camping Is The Hottest Trend For Music Festival Attendees

Attending music festivals is a favoured pastime for many of us. Regardless of the genres of music that you love or which festivals you choose to attend, they provide us with the opportunity to see several of our favourite artists, all in one place. Let’s not forget the number of food trucks and fairground rides that are also usually present. It truly can’t be matched.

For the most part, when we think about attending a festival, it includes pitching a tent with your group of friends, lying around in hammocks while listening to music, soaking up the festival vibes and more!

While many people enjoy this part of the experience, there are others who prefer living a life of luxury while attending a music festival, and this is an industry that has taken off in recent years.

Also known as Glamping, individuals who opt for luxury camping options get a level of comfort that you do not find in standard camping environments; it is easy to see why it entices so many people year in, year out. While that is the case, we feel confident some people reading this might find themselves curious about this hot trend and what it could offer them at future music festivals. Read on to find out more!

1. Protection From The Elements

We have all been in the situation at some point or another, where our tent has given in to the pressure from the environment around us and collapsed from wind or copious amounts of rain. What follows is never pleasant and often leads to a scramble to protect yourself and your belongings from the onslaught of water.

Understandably, this is something that is almost eliminated when opting for a glamping option at a music festival. Individuals who choose to stay in the glamping section of a festival can relish in the notion that their home away from home will be able to withstand whatever mother nature throws at them. You needn’t worry about returning home with a weather-induced cold!

2. Rest In a Comfortable Setting

Sleeping on the floor is a big part of camping, whether you are someone who is all for it or not. Many people choose to sleep on a camping mat, while others might push the boat out and get a camping bed. It is worth remembering that you already have a lot to carry to the festival, so this might not always be an ideal option. Getting a good night’s sleep at a festival is naturally something that does not come easily; from the uncomfortable floor to noisy neighbours, getting your precious shut-eye might seem like a bit of a stretch.

This is another reason why luxury camping has become a hot trend for festival-goers and does not appear to be a trend that is disappearing anytime soon. If you are interested in finding out more about luxury camping, explore the available options. Various companies, including Yurtel, offer Glamping at Glastonbury Festival and several others. Establish what options are available for the festival you are attending, and rest assured you will be getting your beauty sleep even while there!

3. Saves You Some Time

This might not be the first thing you think about when going Glamping at a music festival, but it is worth an honourable mention in this piece all the same. It is something of an understatement to say that pitching a tent takes some time. While nothing stops you from pitching the tent yourself, having some helping hands along the way will minimise the time it takes, right? We like to think that is the case, but pitching a tent more often than not leads to a disagreement of some sort. Each person has a different way of pitching a tent, and there is often little room for compromise when it comes to this type of thing. It is undoubtedly an aspect of the camping experience that many despise.

As you might have expected, luxury camping takes away this pressure and added stress, for the tents come already pitched. Not only will you save yourself the hassle of falling out with your friends as soon as you get to the campsite, but you will also be saving yourself a great deal of time. Having more free time at a festival means getting to go and see more acts; what more could you ask for?

Undoubtedly, luxury camping has changed the camping aspect of attending Summer music festivals. It has encouraged a whole new demographic of music lovers to attend their favourite festival in recent years. Whether you have previously considered Glamping at a festival, or are now actively considering doing so, go forth with the understanding that the experience you are about to embark on will be nothing like a usual camping experience, but one that will

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