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7 simple ways to love yourself more each day

A sure fire way to find happiness and peace is to be happy in your own skin. This can be easier said than done when you find images of ‘perfection’ are promoted on social media, on television and in magazines. It’s all too easy to judge yourself critically. However there are some ways in which you can try to counter this and love yourself more each day. Below are some of our favourite tips:

Self care

This is often spoken about in terms of bubble baths and pedicures but actually self care is more simple than that. Some easy ideas are; drinking enough water, eating three meals a day, eating your 5 a day and taking some time to do something that makes your soul happy. It may be that sitting in the garden with a hot drink and cosy blanket and breathing deeply, which can reset your mental and physical wellbeing. Maybe take thirty minutes to listen to a Podcast or connect with a friend.

Human connection

Something we have all encountered this year is the difficulty of being separated from others. Whether you are single, online dating or in a long-term relationship we have all found it hard. Making the effort to connect with others can fill you with happy hormones and give you a real boost, helping you to feel great about yourself.


I feel a buzz from learning something new. The opportunities to do this are easier now than ever. Instead of watching the television, why not set aside thirty minutes in the evening to learn a new skill or to read up on something that interests you. There are so many online tutorials to help!

Style it

Wearing good quality, well fitting clothes can really boost your confidence. Try shopping for a capsule wardrobe of a few versatile pieces that will stand the test of time. You can find lots of inspiration on Pinterest if you are stuck for ideas. Being mindful of the environmental impact of fast fashion, investing in fewer items but of a greater quality, will also make you feel good.

Positive affirmations

You might find it useful to have a deck of affirmations to use. You can now find different types such as family affirmations, affirmations for teens, healthy living affirmations and affirmations for mindset. Try choosing a card a day and repeat the mantra to yourself, put the card in an obvious place for you to see or pick several to focus on for a few days. It is an easy change to incorporate into your life. Positive affirmations can help you to relax too, or you could try a natural supplement from somewhere like Blessed CBD to help you clear your mind of any negative thoughts and feelings.

Shake up your socials

Make sure you are following people on social media who inspire you. If the people you follow only portray the best side of life why not ditch them and see how much happier you feel by finding people who show all aspects of their world. There are some amazing accounts of men and women who are confident and happy to show the world that bodies come in all different shapes, sizes, skin colours and with scars, freckles or different abilities.

Tame your inner voice

This has been a big one for me. Self acceptance and self kindness were not present in my mind for a long time. Thankfully I found a wonderful account on Instagram which gradually, over time, taught me to change that inner voice. If you can become aware of your inner dialogue it can really change your life. If you wouldn’t speak to your best friend like it, please don’t speak to yourself like it. You are worthy of kindness!

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