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Choosing The Perfect Festive Party Outfit & Look

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When it comes to choosing the perfect festive party outfit, there are a few things you need to consider. What clothes are you going to wear, what accessories are you going to pair with it – is there, in fact, a dress code? These are all important things that you need to think about.

We’ve put together a few tips to ensure that you are festive party ready and ready to celebrate!

The Outfit

Whether you are choosing from going out dresses or some jeans with a nice top, the outfit is perhaps the most important thing to consider when choosing what to wear.

Is there a dress code? Sometimes venues or festive party hosts may have an idea of the dress code they want their guests to adhere to which might mean no jeans or no vest tops. It is important to check if the festive party you are attending has such a code before finalising your outfit.

Once you have these details, you can settle on an outfit. Make sure to speak to the friends and family who may also be attending so they can tell you exactly what they are wearing – you might want to match them or you might not want to but at least you will know what others are considering wearing.

festive party

The Accessories

Many people think that accessories means just jewellery but did you know it also means things like handbags, belts and shoes? Now you aren’t going to want a massive bulky handbag when accessorising for a festive party but you might want a stylish little clutch bag or a simple purse.

If there is a dress code, you might want to opt for heels or some thigh high boots instead of trainers or flats as these might not be acceptable at the venue you are attending.

You also need to choose the right jewellery to suit your outfit. If your clothes are extravagant and showy, then you will want to accessorise with pieces that are the same. If your outfit is more understated, then you will want to choose more demure and elegant pieces.

The Make-Up

For festive parties, colour tends to be a big thing – especially reds, greens, silvers and golds. You may find that you want to opt for these colours when choosing your makeup to compliment your outfit.

There are festive themed cosmetics with all the colours you could possibly need – festive lipstick shades or palettes with those festive hues. These can be picked up from most online and offline beauty retailers for affordable prices.

However if you like a more understated look for your look, then you can choose a more neutral palette, opting for earthy tones that compliment your features. Whatever makeup you choose will surely look great.

The Hair

Many people think that the bigger the better when it comes to hair for a festive do. However it is important that you are comfortable with whatever hairstyle you choose. A sleek ponytail is always a good choice or some waves – styled to perfection with your hair styling tools.

These are all fairly achievable even if you have minimal skill level when it comes to hair. Don’t forget you can also use accessories to glam up your hairstyle. Some clips, a bow or a headband can really help to bring a whole outfit together and keep your hairstyle in place.

These are just a few things to consider when choosing the perfect clothes, makeup and hairstyles for your festive party. If you have been invited to one, then we hope these tips have been helpful to you.

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