ideas to get the children outdoors

Five fab gift ideas to get the children outdoors!

If your kids are anything like mine, they will often need some encouragement to go outdoors and 99% of the time, once they are out there, they will love it!

It always helps to vary the options for things to do outdoors – whether that’s going for a woodland walk, bouncing on a trampoline, shooting some hoops in the driveway or something else…

Read about some super kids games from around the world and if you fancy buying something for your family that will encourage to get outdoors more too, have a look at our ideas below:

Basketball Hoop

My eldest son was given a basketball (which we found on’s best basketball guide) as well as a hoop and stand for Christmas. He doesn’t belong to a team but he really enjoys practicing his skills and shooting hoops in our driveway at the moment. He doesn’t need to go far and a few minutes outside like this really cheers him up.


My middle child is a bit more adventurous and was delighted with the skateboard he got for Christmas. One of his classmates has one and he had been asking for a skateboard for a while. Make sure you choose wisely as skateboards can vary in size. He can skate up and down on our footpath or we often take him across to the empty carpark near our house. It’s great health fun and skate boards are easy to store away when needed.

 ideas to get the children outdoors


My toddler loves her outdoor playhouse and can spend quite a bit of time out in the garden with her dollies, playing ‘house’. We have quite a cheap and cheerful playhouse which we purchased many years ago but are hoping to get an upgrade during the year. The Plum® Discovery Woodland Treehouse encourages children to embrace nature as they explore the world around them. As they climb and slide children can enjoy the great outdoors and get a little messy. It also had a built-in mini garden so your little one can create their very own eco centre. How sweet!


We recently moved to a new house with a bigger garden which means we can finally have a trampoline! This has now become one of their favourite activities to do at home. We have never had one up until now so my kids have been begging to go out to the garden to play on it even just for a few minutes each day. I can see them using this for many years to come.


Bikes glorious bikes! My 2 year old has a balance bike which she has just started using and my older two have pretty decent bikes. We haven’t been taking them out on bike rides more recently as the tracks are quite muddy but I know we’ll be doing it more in spring. It’s just a bit more exciting than going on yet another family walk. Check out to know how your child can enjoy a bike tour outside. If you are looking for less moaning and more action then a bike ride can be a great option.

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