6 tips for organising a child’s birthday party on a budget

I have three children, all born in the same month (in different years of course) so planning their birthday parties can be an expensive time of year! I always like to make a big deal of their birthdays though and with a little forward planning, it is possible to host a brilliant birthday party on a budget! So here are my top tips for a budget friendly birthday party…

Choose your venue wisely

Venue hire costs can vary dramatically! I have found that some of the lesser-known village halls and community centres in villages on the outskirts of where we live can often work out much cheaper to rent per hour than the more popular ones. They are usually pretty much the same but might  be a little further from the town centre, which I’m sure the guests won’t mind about.

Ask for a discount

I have found that venue hire, entertainment and other party related services are usually negotiable. After all, if you don’t ask, your certainly won’t get. If demand is high, the price might not be moveable but if you are hosting a birthday party at a quieter time of year, then it is especially viable to ask to a discount…

birthday party on a budget

Create your invites online 

Consider getting the perfect birthday invitation online. Basic Invite allows customers almost unlimited colour options with instant previews online. You can order a printed sample of the actual birthday invitation cards before you place your final order and customers can choose from over 40 Different colours of envelopes. This is such a simple but creative way of getting the perfect invitation and Basic Invite are currently offering 15% off with coupon code 15FF51. 

Prepare the food yourself

Doing the catering yourself can be not only cheaper but also healthier too. During the warmer weather, consider having a BBQ where you can do lots of the prep beforehand. Just ensure that the meat is cooked well and think about using a meat thermometer for peace of mind.

Customise a shop bought cake

You don’t need to spend lots of money on an expensive cake. Although they are gorgeous, there are also some lovely supermarket bought options which you can then customise. Lego theme? Buy a cake, add some fancy icing and put some of your child’s favourite lego figures on it! The same can be done for most themes..

Less is more!

When it comes to the party bags, I think less is definitely more. Rather than having bags with tons of little things, maybe choose 3 substantial things that you can buy in bulk for less. For one of my son’s parties, I purchased a bulk pack of squishies, 20 bags of chocolate coins and a bumper pack of pirate sticker sheets. It worked out really well and there were even some leftover for the following year’s bags!

Team up with a friend!

Does your child have any friends or classmates with a similar birthday date? Consider teaming up with them and hosting a party together. Splitting the cost can make a big difference and if they are in the same class at school, they are likely to have a similar group of friends.

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