Better Standard Of Travel

Enjoying A Better Standard Of Travel, Despite Your Disabilities

Travel can be tough at the best of times, and take a fair amount of planning. This goes double if you’re disabled, because unfortunately, despite your will and intentions, many places simply don’t have the facilities to support you in the way that they should. Thankfully, times are changing, and this is starting to become something of a renewed, required standard.

That said – disabled people need not feel as though their opportunities are limited and restrained. There are many just incredible experiences you can have, even in the midst of 2021, and even if not everywhere offers full disabled access.

Don’t discount your travel opportunities. Furthermore, we would also recommend that instead of looking for experiences that are just ‘good enough,’ thanks to their disabled access, you could also demand and expect experiences that truly do conform to your needs – without having enjoy ‘less’ than other people. That way, you can feel more confident, enjoy your vacation more, and not have to put up with undue amounts of planning in a year where you have to plan for everything:

Travel Considerations

First, it’s important to consider the full scope of your vacation. Do you wish to commit to a road trip? Then what vehicle is perhaps the best option for you, and your personal mobility equipment? How long should you drive between rest stops, and what travel opportunities are safe in the midst of a pandemic? You might ring ahead, contacting certain hotels, institutions or facilities to see if they have the right scope of hospitality for you. Then you can more adequately make plans and backup plans that come to some kind of peaceful sense.

Beautiful, Attentive Locations

Remember that while disabled access is, sadly, by no means ubiquitous, there are many amazing places that do offer it. Mellwaters Barn, for instance, is a fantastic collection of beautifully converted cottages that have been designed from the ground up with disabled access in mind, as the sharp mind behind this project knows all-too-well about how disabilities are neglected in the travel industry. Supporting and experiencing initiatives like this not only grant you an amazing experience – but evoke and demand a new standard. That in itself should offer anyone a chance of potential.

Necessary Travel Aids

It can sometimes be that investing in necessary travel aids can help you open your own travel opportunities for the better. This might involve bringing along carry cases to help keep your medication in, or traveling somewhere with a friend (to help you both look after one another). You may also find that travel aids come in the form of booking slots purely reserved for disabled people, so that you need not walk around a facility in a stressed out and often quite overbearing situation. We know you’re not asking for overly special treatment, but making these little concessions for yourself can help the pace of an expedition feel much more custom-fit, and that can be a wonderful thing.

With this advice, we hope you’re able to experience the best possible vacation or set of travels you can. Bon, voyage!

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