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Essential Bathroom Decor Tips You Need To Know

A bathroom is a place for a bath and toilet, but also the place where we wash our face with soap, shampoo our hair and massage using steam, etc. As a result of which, it gets dirty easily. Newcomers often get confused when it comes to decorating a new or existing bathroom with furniture and other fixtures. Often they fail to give importance to the small but important elements that can make their bathrooms look luxurious.

Here are some essential tips you need to try!

1) Faucets

The faucets are the first thing people see when they enter your bathroom so they should be stylish, elegant, and sleek enough to grab of all those who visit your bathroom. Taps that are golden in color look classic and go well with any type of bathroom décor. Also, they have a nice sheen when light hits them thus making your bathroom look super luxurious from outside.

2) Toilet Seat

A toilet seat is one of the most used items in our bathrooms so it should be sturdy, comfortable, and easy to clean. In case you do not wish to buy a new toilet seat, you can simply give your existing one a pretty makeover by upholstering it. A few ideas would be –  Use a colorful fabric or material that suits your bathroom theme or use a sheet of plywood for number plates with a football emblem printed on it so that kids in your household get attracted to the idea.

3) Tiling

Your bathroom needs to look clean and shiny like a swimming pool or maybe a bit glamorous too. To achieve that, you have to give special attention to your bathroom tiles because this is where the light will fall on first so they should be shiny enough. The best way would be to use tiles that are colorful, bright, and also white in color so as to avoid dirtying them easily.

4) Add a bathtub

Apart from tiling, adding a bathtub to go with your theme will go a long way in creating the ideal decor for your bathroom. A standalone tub will give the spa factor and will be appealing. These tubs not only serve esthetically but are also comfortable to the core.

5) Bathroom Lighting

Bathrooms need mood lighting during shower time or bath time so installing lights with dimmer switches will give you perfect results for both regular lightings as well as mood lighting if required. These switches can help you control the brightness of the lamps according to your mood. In case you install under-cabinet lighting, it will work as an added advantage since you can use them for regular purposes too.

6) Cabinets and Storage Spaces

People tend to put a lot of stuff in their bathrooms so storage spaces and cabinets play an important role and should be given proper attention. Cabinets in your home should be sturdy with enough storage space and shelves because we need to display some pretty bottles during bath time so they need a better place than just the floor.

7) Wall Decorating Ideas

There are various kinds of wall decor ideas that you can try such as painting your bathroom walls with nice quotes or romantic poems which sound lovely when someone reads them during shower time. You can also put up framed pictures of family members if you like because those pictures make you feel relaxed and calm.

8) Towel Rack

Towels are the most used bathroom fixtures so always look for a sturdy towel rack that can hold more towels. If your bathroom is spacious enough, then you can buy wall-mounted racks too because they look classy and give your bathroom a luxurious appearance. Also, one should never compromise on quality if they wish to save some bucks because cheap things will only cause problems later on and it will be hard to replace them or repair them if required.

9) Mirror Frames

The mirror frames in your bathrooms should also be just as classy as everything else in there so look for antique mirror frames that have ornate carvings but go well with all types of décor. You can also apply a nice bevel to your existing mirror frames so that they add much-needed glamor to your bathrooms.

10) Shower Curtains

Invest in some good-quality shower curtain rods for your bathrooms because the length of shower curtains needs to be perfect so that they do not get dirty when you are showering. Shower curtains also act as wallpapers for your bathrooms because you can customize them according to your room theme. Also, match the color of the curtains with the rest of your décor or bathroom accessories. You can find some pretty-looking shower curtains on various online e-commerce websites so go through their collection and order something really nice.

11) Bathroom Rugs

Bathroom rugs give a more personal feel than just leaving it bare because it makes people feel comfortable while taking bath or shower time. They come in different sizes and shapes so choose one as per your choice and requirement.

There are innumerable ways to decorate a bathroom and every person has his or her own unique style of doing things so just lookout for inspiration and ideas all around you and select the ones that suit your requirements!

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