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Essential bedroom decor tips for children who share

My children share a room and I know from experience how hard it is to accommodate different personalities into the room and create individual space for each child. It takes a certain amount of creative thinking and some ingenious storage options to fit everything in too. Here are some of our essential bedroom décor tips for children who share:

Have fun with furniture

The first consideration has to be how you will fit in all the furniture you need for both children. Bunk beds are an obvious choice but if you have more room to play with then a cabin bed may well be your answer. A cabin bed will often have a desk and chest of drawers incorporated into the space under the bed. You will need a wardrobe and perhaps a desk or two depending on the age of your children. As your children grow you might want to consider getting double bunk beds – did you know this was a thing? I have just invested in double bunk beds. They also come apart into individual beds for if such a time comes that they have their own rooms.

Storage for books

We have a huge collection of books throughout the house. Finding room for them all is sometimes a bit of a challenge. In the children’s rooms we have bought some shelving which enables the books to be forward facing. We’ve found this way of storage to be the most accessible, especially for younger children. These shelves can be found in a variety of colours to match your child’s preference.

You could also consider getting some bespoke furniture made so that you use up any dead space. Consider searching for custom cabinets Dallas could be a great idea and making the most of the space you have is always worthwhile.

Adorn your walls

Don’t forget to consider how to decorate the walls. Framed art prints are a great way of decorating a room and displaying each child’s interests.

Brilliant bedding

Bedding is one way to simplify the look of the room in your home. It naturally looks more cohesive and cleaner with matching bedding on each bed. It is possible to buy bedding which comes with the same colours but different patterns if you want to differentiate between them.

Space for precious things

My eldest daughter has a collection of breakable precious things such as Lego creations which she would not want her sister to get hold of. As such we have put her on the top bunk and given her plenty of shelving to display her favourite pieces. We have a strict rule that it is only her who is allowed to go on the top bunk to ensure she has her own little bit of space.

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