activities to do at home with the kids

Ten fun activities to do at home with the kids

Looking for fun activities to do at home with the kids?

We love writing about places to go both in the UK and abroad here at Travel Bugs. But since we want to get the most out of our time in the house too, we thought it would be useful to share some fun activities to do at home with the kids. Here are ten of them!

Ice hacking: This has been a complete hit in our house over the last few month. Pop some of your child’s favourite figures into a small plastic box. We normally use a takeaway food container. Then pop it in the freezer overnight and in the morning, your child has a big block of ice to hack away at!

We add all sorts of figures from mini Peppa Pig characters to toy army soldiers and more. We sometimes have a competition for the kids – the first one to release all of the figures from the ice is the winner! They both love this activity. We ensure they wear sunglasses while doing it and they use a non-sharp knife to hack. It is better to do it in the garden if you have one.

Shops: One of my favourite fun activities to do at home with the kids which I like to get involved in. This game is popular with all three of my children from age 1 to 8 years old! Gather all of your toy kitchen utensils and food. Or if you don’t have any, you can use real items too! Encourage your child to set up a shop and supply them with real or fake money too. Now you just need to be the customer and let the child lead the game from there. We also have a shop till which adds to the fun!

fun activities to do at home with the kids_Mysteries in Time

Subscription Box: There are some super subscription boxes for children available at the moment. We recently reviewed Mysteries in Time – an exciting history subscription box for kids from 7 to 11 years old. Leading them on an adventure through time, we really enjoyed this fun and educational history for kids activity! 

More fun activities to do at home with the kids…

Den building: Surely there aren’t any children who don’t enjoy a spot of den building?! My boys love this and their sister now likes getting involved too. I have tried to relax about the mess it makes and it can cause arguments too. But all in all, they can spend hours building and taking down dens as well as playing in it. The best thing is to not get involved but to just give them help when requested!

activities to do at home with the kids

♥ Hide & Seek: Such a simple and traditional game but an old favourite in our house!  I’m nearly usually the ‘seeker’. As my boys get older, they are becoming much better at hiding! And as the seeker, you can always take your time to count to 100.

Sometimes it takes me much longer to get to this number and even requires having a sit down on the sofa with a quick cup of tea! It’s good fun being the hider too, as if you find somewhere good, the kids might actually leave you alone for a while. Jokes!

What other ideas would be good to try?

Get crafty: There’s always a seasonal occasion coming up so why not make something crafty to celebrate it? I like to use creativity in both my daily personal and working life and my kids enjoy it just as much as me.

Design Bundles has some super resources to make life easier. We plan to put together a Summer scrapbook, highlighting the days out we have loved the most. We will do something surrounding Halloween too and always enjoy doing Christmas crafts. This will include making our own advent calendars and Christmas cards for some of our favourite family members! Design Bundles have a lovely selection of Christmas svg designs which has given me some great ideas for the coming months.

♥ Board games: Playing board games with the kids has to be included in this post as they are such a big part of the way we spend out life at home. Some of my children’s favourites include Chess, Draughts, Pop-up Pirate, Top Trumps, Dobble, Guess Who and Junior Monopoly. We have been building up our collection for the last 8 years and although they take up a lot of space, they are completely worth it – especially on a rainy day!

More of our firm favourites…

activities to do at home with the kids

♥ Baking: My five year old is particularly keen on baking. I’m not a natural baker so we tend to stick to the easy things like flapjacks, cupcakes and banana bread. That said, maybe it’s time to get a bit more adventurous?

♥ Train track: Do you have a collection of trains and tracks gathering dust somewhere in your house? I know we do! But every once in a while, the kids like to take it out of its box and build a massive train track from the kitchen, leading into other rooms in the house. It needs minimal involvement from me and it’s lovely to see what creations they come up with.

And our wild card…

♥ Create your own computer game characters: My 8 year old wants to be a computer game designer when he grows up. He is building up a collection of characters for the first game he wants to make. He doesn’t usually like writing much but he is more than happy to write pages and pages about these characters as well as telling me all about them when we go out for walks. This activity might not be for everyone but if your child is interested in computer games, it could be a good one to encourage?

We hope your found these fun activities to do at home with the kids useful? Please do comment below with some of your own ideas too…

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