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Our top five self care ideas for stressed out parents

Do you ever take time out for yourself? We are have put together five self care ideas which you might like to try…

Looking after ourselves during a pandemic is essential but it can be difficult to get motivated to do it. I can tell you that managing to do even the smallest acts of self-care can make you feel so much brighter. There are all sorts of ways to do this, from listening to some of your favourite songs to eating healthy nutritious food, it isn’t all about hot baths with candles (although I really love to do that!). Here are some of my top tips for self care.

Pure escapism…

Escape your four walls by reading a book. Books are incredible for expanding our minds beyond our time and space and can provide some much needed escapism. It might feel tricky to get started but try making sure you read for pleasure at least one page a day. It will soon become a habit and I’m sure you’ll increase the time you spend doing it – whether that’s reading about travelling the world, romantic novels, fantastic fiction or something else.

Exercise your brain…

Jigsaw Puzzles are brilliant for slowing a busy mind. Take a look at the absolutely incredible choice of jigsaw puzzles for adults. Doing a puzzle can be helpful by not only giving you something to do but also by helping you to be in the moment, focussed on the task at hand.

Try 30 minutes before bed instead of watching television or idly scrolling on your phone (we are all guilty of this!). You could send the same puzzle to a friend and do it ‘together’ virtually over a cup of tea and a chat every day, it doesn’t have to be for long, even 15 minutes and will give you a sense of achievement as well as alleviating the feelings of loneliness.

A few minutes of pampering…

Spending even just a few minutes on pampering yourself can go a long way. Have your favourite moisturiser to hand, spray yourself with some gorgeous perfume and apply a little makeup to feel just a little bit more like your old self. Perhaps try an eyelash serum to thicken those lashes and a colourful lipstick to brighten up your day? Don’t forget to get an ear cleaning too!

Bake away…

Baking is another activity that can give you complete focus on the task. I find it incredibly calming to bake. It is soothing to bake recipes that I’ve used so many times before, but if I need to take my mind off something I try out a new recipe that requires complete concentration.

If you prefer to cook savoury food you could put your time to good use by cooking meals for the freezer. Take a look at The Batch Lady for a wonderful book designed to save you time and help stock your freezer. The farmers plait is a family favourite!

Fresh bedding…

Don’t underestimate the feeling of fresh clean bedding. I think this has to be up there with one of my favourite things. It’s a faff to change the duvet cover but sinking into bed with crinkle free sheets and that lovely just-washed smell is so worth it. To make this act of self care even better try taking a long bath before bed.

Establishing a skin cleansing routine is a lovely thing to do for yourself. The very process starts your mind winding down towards bedtime. There are so many gorgeous products you can treat yourself to, even if it’s one thing a month. Essentials are a face wash, a toner and a night cream. Don’t forget to moisturise your feet before bed too! They’re so often neglected but looking after them starting now will give you beautiful feet and heels, ready for flip-flop season!

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