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The Polyflor Benefits That People Love

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When people choose luxury vinyl flooring, it factors into what kind of person they are.

Vinyl flooring is ideal to implement for a large variety of reasons and it mainly comes down to time, maintenance and ranges available as to why people are drawn to it. For those people with not a lot of time to dedicate to the home or have busy professional lives, Polyflor is the option that opens up a lot of time to dedicate to other activities.

Here we look at some of the reasons vinyl flooring is the preferred flooring for living with ease.

Ease of Installation

Polyflor flooring is a vinyl product notorious for its ease in laying without the requirement of a professional.

The relative ease in either glueing down or clicking together tiles not only saves on the budget to install, but also provides a fun excursion for the day to anyone loving a creative challenge. 

Learning which adhesive to use on your flooring will undertake some research to match the best product for the floor, and excess can be cleaned away easily so have no fear of lasting stains or mishaps.

polyflor flooring


Overall care for luxury vinyl flooring is a simple process that can be done in an instant.

Should you have any spillages or stains that would usually damage flooring beyond regular cleaning, a mixture of warm water and a sponge or mop will clear the floor and leave no trace of the incident. Scratches and scuffs on your floor can also be buffed out with sandpaper, dishwasher detergent and non-rubber-containing waxes within minutes to get rid of any eyesores on individual sections.

Individual planks and tiles can also be replaced without taking up other sections and disrupting your floor. Luxury vinyl flooring is incredibly durable and has protections in place against moisture, stains, and scratches so your floor can live a much longer life than other options under regular everyday living.

polyflor flooring


Vinyl is a go-to option over the real thing which can be costly to implement and maintain, and the styles are the major selling point. The ability to perfectly replicate the look of other expensive flooring options at a fraction of the price is among the chief appealing factors.

Light and dark wood styles are incredibly popular due to being indistinguishable from real oak or wood finishes that can easily sustain damage. The styles can also include the popular ash-coloured wood which gives a more modern feel. Stone styled is much more cost-effective due to not having to replace the real stone with chippings or cracks.

Now you know the benefits, here is the brand that stands out for standing upon. Polyflor, such as herringbone flooring, is the most popular brand on the market for those looking for a unique style. When it comes to agreeing between you on one thing, Polyflor is on the pedestal when it comes to flooring.

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