the invictus option

The Invictus Option

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Your walls have colours that speak for you, your furniture and fittings accentuate your image and if you are not happy with an area of design in the home you will not rest until you change it to what you want.

With your flooring, you will either opt for carpets to showcase the warmth or choose real hardwood or stone to provide the class. Over each choice you make is the need to have something that can last the maximum lifetime without taking up too much care time.

Interior design experts would claim that luxury vinyl flooring is the option for those who like to live easy whilst maintaining a look to match their lifestyle.

Easy Step

Not everyone is an expert on the flooring or has the time to learn how to correctly set it in place.

The reason why Invictus vinyl flooring is a highly rated option is that it is very simple to install by either a glue-down or click-together method. It can be done in hours or as a weekend project, cut to size so that it’s perfect the first time around. It also allows you to be a little creative with plenty of avenues to mix and match around your home.

The self-installation method does save on those costly professional installer quotes, which allows for spending in other areas of the home.

Easy Clean

Being the type to feel uneasy when someone is eating or drinking around your carpet, then vinyl tiles are the most preferred flooring option.

Due to their durability and easy clean properties, the most stubborn wine, sauce, or chocolate usually trampled into a floor can be cleaned with a warm soapy sponge or tissue and be back to normal in no time. 

It is comforting to those of us who want to provide a revolving fresh appeal all year round, safe with the durable stability the floor provides with anti-scratch protection. As long as furniture has felt pads applied to the feet, then you can move your rooms around freely without any severe damage.


Every room is a different part that requires its unique touches. Some areas are for business, some to be relaxed and some for fun – luxury vinyl flooring can cover it all differently.

We all want to embrace as many different rooms without it being a clashing nightmare. From the stone-styled vinyl floor for your bathroom to a hall with stylish dark wood vinyl and a lighter wood bedroom appeal, there is no concern about a clash. As a natural layer to underfloor heating systems, Invictus will not leave unsightly peel ups with the temperature raised – meaning you always have a warm comfy home.

Whatever home you have, luxury vinyl flooring, such as grey oak flooring, can provide style and durability to ensure you’ll stay ahead of trends no matter how you change the home moving onwards.

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