decorate your children’s bedroom

4 creative ways to decorate your children’s bedroom

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Decorating your child’s bedroom does come with a certain pressure these days. You want to create a special space for them that will encourage them to learn and grow, rest and feel safe.

There are lots of places to get inspiration with images available on Instagram and Pinterest which can elevate a plain bedroom to an epic space inspired by your child’s interests. Here are our top 4 creative ways to decorate your children’s bedroom.

1. Colour all the way!

I would advise keeping the walls in a calming colour to aid sleep. Consider dark blue walls to create a cosy safe space or white to keep it calm and serene.

decorate your children’s bedroom

2. Theme it baby!

Adding in a theme is common for a child’s bedroom. This can be introduced in a multitude of ways but given that children aren’t likely to keep the same interests for more than a couple of years you may wish to introduce the theme in such a way that you can change things up easily.

Opting for a themed duvet cover and curtains is a good starting point, you can then enhance the theme with wall art or stickers. There are some incredible stickers available online or you could employ an artist to paint a bespoke mural on one wall.

3. Stay in Bed!

As the largest piece of furniture in the room, which bed you choose plays a big part in the functionality and feel of the room. Think carefully about the space you have and what will work in your child’s bedroom. If you’re short on space you could opt for a high sleeper which frees up the space underneath the bed for a desk and storage for their toys, books, special gifts and keepsakes. The only downside I’ve experienced with this is that it’s not suitable for snuggling with your child while reading the bedtime story.

A full-size mid sleeper might be a better option if your child is younger. You still have the space underneath, albeit without the head height, but it’s safer as there are fewer steps and you can reach your child easier. If you have the room you might even consider a double bed as this adds flexibility if you need somewhere for people to be able to sleep over from time to time – or if your child is poorly you can sleep in with them giving you the peace of mind that you are there if they need you. A personalised quilt can make a lovely additional touch to the room. These days you can find some of the best quilting patterns online as well as instructions on how to do it if you are going to attempt it yourself.

decorate your children’s bedroom

4. It’s all in the decor…

Adding in some wall art for kids that inspires or links to their interest is another brilliant way of decorating. Why not also include a display board for their own art-work or certificates to be shown off. Add in some lighting in different degrees of brightness from a desk lamp to create a bright space for working, some fairy lights for bedtime or perhaps a calming lava lamp in a corner (away from little hands as they can get hot) and a reading lamp for bedtime stories.

I hope this post gave you some inspiration? There are so many fantastic options out there for decorating children’s rooms. Be bold and know that if you try something that doesn’t turn out the way you want it to look, you can always change it!

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