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Best Kids’ Garden Toys

Getting the kids playing outside is more important than ever in such a technological age. Instead of plonking them in front of the TV or a tablet, you want to give them an opportunity to play and explore in the garden. Not only does this give them fresh air, but they’re also sure to get some exercise and enhance their imagination. There are plenty of different items to choose from – whether it is sports equipment or you may prefer rope swings which is one of the best garden toys for kids.

Whether your garden is completely manicured with a grass display border or filled with shrubbery like a forest, your kids will be keen to play and explored once they’re enticed by the right toys.

Toy Car

This is one that only really applies to smaller kids as children over the age of five simply won’t fit in the vehicle. Despite this, they’re great fun for kids to burn off steam, zooming round the garden in their very own car. The bottom of the cars can be popped out so that you’re little one can move themselves along in a flintstone-esque style. This makes for hours of fun since it can be a single or group player game.

Basketball Stand

A basketball hoop is fun for all ages and can be adjusted to best suit the height of your child. When buying a stand, you don’t have to attach it to a wall, making for seamless installation and adjustment. Despite this, the base needs to be filled with water otherwise it won’t stay upright. Typically, a basketball stand will come with two inflatable basketballs and a pump. Inflatable basketballs are ideal for kids since they are highly unlikely to cause injury.

Football Goal Set

If basketball isn’t your child’s game, perhaps they’d prefer a football goal set. A football goal set will come with two goals, ground pegs, a ball, and a hand pump. Kicking a ball around doesn’t quite match the feeling of actual goals to aim for. These goals will make your child feel as though they’re playing in the premier league, allowing them to exercise and imagine all in one.

Skipping Rope

Sometimes simplicity is best, and a child can have hours of fun with a skipping rope. Not only this but skipping is great exercise, so you can be sure that your child is keeping fit and healthy with a skipping rope. Once you teach them all the counting rhymes and songs that can be sung as you skip, they’ll be sure to spend hours trying to beat their record.


A colourful boules set is a great and simplistic way to keep your kids entertained. Whether they play the game properly or simply throw and roll the boules, endless fun is sure to be had with a boules set.

Stomp Rocket

Stomp rockets are perfect for aspiring astronauts and science enthusiasts to use either at home in your garden or in a local park. Not only are they good fun but they are the perfect opportunity to tech children about gravity and trajectory. However, if your child is more interested in simply launching the rocket into mid-air, they’re ideal for this too. Stomp rockets are easily assembled and soar up to 400 feet in the air. Inject some excitement into the garden with a stomp rocket.

Lawn Croquet

Croquet creates a game for up to four players, allowing for plenty of outdoor fun. A set will typically include four mallets, hoops, and balls. The premise of the game is relatively simple and it’s a fun challenge to get the balls through the hoops. Ultimately, this is a great summertime game for the whole family to enjoy.

Is your garden fully equipped to keep the kids entertained all year round? What do you have in your garden to encourage play and adventure?

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