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How To Turn A Loft Space Into A Bedroom

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Some of us are lucky enough to have some loft space available to us and we aren’t sure what to do with it. Many people are choosing to turn their loft space into bedrooms, utilising loft room wardrobes to help them achieve their goal of a habitable and comfy bedroom.

Here are some top tips for converting unused loft spaces into a beautiful and stylish living space for your family.

Make Sure You Check If You Need Planning Permission

The most important thing to do before even beginning any work is to find out if you need planning permission. Most conversions do not need it as long as you adhere to certain rules.

There are certain rules and regulations that you definitely need to follow and you will need to make sure are adhering to these to convert before you complete any work. There are some reasons that you may need planning permission though such as making massive alterations to the roof.

One such thing that you need is a suitable fire exit from the loft space – a ladder does not count. If you don’t have enough space to make something a little more suitable, then you cannot turn it into a livable space.

Is There Access To Power?

If you are turning into a bedroom space, you will need to make sure the person living in that room has access to power. They will also need to be able to utilise the heating. Some lofts won’t need any additional work done to them and will already have this – but if you need to give them access to these, be sure to hire a professional to sort it out for you.

Whilst it may be tempting to sort it yourself, this often requires a professional eye.

Utilise The Eaves For Storage

If your loft has eaves, these make great storage spaces in the bedroom space. Whether you choose to store your clothes in these small spaces or something else like books, it is well worth utilising them and maximising the storage space available to you.

What Access To Daylight Is There?

Everyone is entitled to natural light so be sure to check out what natural light is available. Do you already have windows or a skylight or are these something you need to consider? A skylight is a great choice for bringing light into your loft and you can utilise blinds to keep the light out when you want to sleep.

Put Down Appropriate Flooring

Lofts usually don’t have the most appropriate flooring for a living space so it is vital that you put down suitable flooring in the area to make it more appropriate. some may choose to lay down hardwood flooring, others may choose to carpet it all. It all depends on what you prefer.


If you follow these top tips, you too can convert your loft space into a habitable and cosy bedroom. You should check over here for some fabulous furniture ideas for converted loft spaces.

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