Hair Cosmetic Procedure

What to Ask When Considering a Hair Cosmetic Procedure

It makes perfect sense that you will have many questions when considering a cosmetic hair procedure, such as a transplant. 

You will not only want the best possible outcome for your needs, but you must ensure the surgery is safe, a qualified surgeon, and you’re the right candidate for treatment.

If you want to feel more confident ahead of surgery, there are some questions you’d be wise to ask during an initial consultation. Here’s what to ask when considering a hair cosmetic procedure.

Do You Have Any Patient Testimonials?

Improve confidence in a clinic and its hair cosmetic procedures by asking if they have any patient testimonials to show you. 

A reputable clinic will have an extensive patient gallery of before and after images, which will prove you will be in safe, talented hands during a procedure.

After browsing the photos and reading about past patient experiences, you might have more confidence to embark on a UK hair transplant for women or men. 

Also, the images may even make you feel more excited and ready to restore your locks to move forward with the rest of your life.

When Will I See the Results of the Procedure?

It is important to have a realistic expectation of a hair cosmetic procedure before agreeing to it, as it will avoid disappointment once complete.

For instance, it might take many months for transplanted hair to start growing following a hair transplant, and it might take up to one year to grow fully.

Be sure to ask when you will see the results from the surgery to ensure you know what to expect once you have walked away from the clinic.

What Qualifications Do You Have?

Learn about your surgeon’s qualifications during a consultation to walk into a procedure full of confidence.

An experienced surgeon will be more than happy to provide information about their qualifications, relevant training, and industry experience to date to ensure you feel safe and comfortable during the surgery.

Also, if your hair cosmetic procedure is in the UK, you can check if they are registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) and affiliated with a professional regulatory body, such as the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

What is the Average Recovery Time?

You must understand the expected recovery time following a procedure, as you may need to make adjustments to your lifestyle to support healing.

For example, a FUE hair transplant has a typical recovery period of two weeks, which will provide time for the transplant to scab and fall away. For this reason, you may want to organise annual leave from work to make a full, private recovery.

Also, you must discuss a surgeon’s guidelines for recovery, such as the exercises, hair products, and sleeping positions to avoid to support healing and prevent infection.

Asking the above questions will provide confidence that a surgeon and facility will do their utmost to provide a safe and successful hair cosmetic procedure.

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