Top tips for a show-shopping dating profile

Top tips for a show-stopping dating profile

A huge 1 in 3 of the world’s population now find love online. Like most things we search for online, from holidays to new jobs, it makes sense that the internet is where we look for that special someone too.

With so many people looking for Mr or Mrs Right online, this post can help your dating profile stand out from all the rest – for all the right reasons!

#1 Pay special attention to the photo/s you upload. They should be recent – a real dating faux par is meeting up looking ten years older than your profile shots! Rather than showing you in a staged shot in the best light/angle, a more every day or action shot proves more successful. Even better, show yourself in action at something you’re talented at, for example, playing an instrument or an extreme sport. The more photos the better too, a mixture of head shots, full length and action shots is ideal – people don’t like too many surprises!

#2 Even if it’s just a free dating site, make an effort to update your profile regularly. Not only is it beneficial to add more recent information about yourself, it demonstrates your commitment to finding love.

#3 It’s very important to be one hundred percent honest. Embellishments are bound to come out, and that’s not going to get you anywhere. One of the most repeatedly used words when people describe their perfect match is ‘honesty’, so don’t be tempted to try and be something that you’re not! Using dating sites such as and being one hundred percent honest should be a recipe for success. Fingers crossed!

#4 Even if you do like cosying up to watch movies on a winter date in front of a roaring fire, this can sound corny and unoriginal. Use more personal, specific details about how you enjoy life, like your favourite place to visit on Earth for example. It turns you into a real-life person. Show your personality too, if you can make people laugh then add in some humour for example.

Top tips for a show-shopping dating profile

#5 Show your profile to a couple of friends or family members. After all they know you best! They can tell you if you’ve made an accurate representation of yourself. It can be difficult to show yourself in your best light, you might feel put off for fear of looking arrogant. Your loved ones will often help highlight your best attributes. They can also proofread it for you.

#6 Don’t make your deal-breakers too specific, especially about appearance. Leave it open, focusing more on the kind of relationship you would like. It makes you more approachable and you might be surprised what type of person you click with.

#7 If you take one thing from this blog post, let it be this! Make it super easy for people to talk to you. If somebody likes your profile, the next step is to think of something to say. If you don’t fill out much information about yourself or give them everything, they might struggle to strike up a conversation. Give them a little teaser but not the full details to leave them wanting more. At the end you could invite them to ask you a question to intrigue and make it easier to strike up that all-important first conversation; such as “Ask me what my favourite late-night snack is?” or ‘Ask me what my dream date would be?’

#8 If you’re really stuck, think about the profiles that stood out for you and why. Then use those ideas to make your own shine!

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