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Travel photos – what to do with those amazing pics?

Now it probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you but we love travelling and documenting what we have done. But we always end up with a ton of photos and I never quite know what to do with them. However I have been printing them out in recent months. I’ve been putting them up throughout the home and making travel scrapbooks too so I can look back on my travels in the past.

I take photos constantly in my everyday life so you can imagine that this increases tenfold when I go on holiday – I just want to capture every moment from the landmarks that I see to the people that I am holidaying with.

My Picture is fab!

It can sometimes be tough to know where to get photos printed – a particular favourite of mine has to be I can print out personalised cards which I love to share with my loved ones and I’ve also got a fabulous photo cushion with my favourite travel photo on it. 

But now you know that I print my travel photos, I want to share with you why you too should print yours. I hope you will start to print yours in the future too.

travel photos

You Can Relive Your Favourite Memories Over And Over Again

Some of my best memories are from when I have been on my travels. But over time, our memories can fade a little. Whilst I still remember every single detail of my favourite travels, I know that this might not always be the case so I want a physical reminder of my best times to always refer back to.

They Can Provide A Talking Point

If you choose to showcase your images in your home, you can guarantee that they will provide a real talking point. Whether a photo inspires a conversation about a destination that both you and your friend have been to or whether it motivates someone to ask if you recommend a destination, using your travel photos as home décor can provoke many a discussion.

They Are Great For Home Décor

Following on from the above point, printed photos and printed photo items can be perfect for home décor. Whether you choose to get them printed on your soft furnishings or choose to create a photo gallery wall, there are so many options. These are a fantastic way to showcase your best travel memories.

You Can Keep Them Forever

Keeping your photos only on your device is a risky move – what if your laptop or phone gets broken or ends up malfunctioning and is corrupted? Having a physical copy of your photos means that even if this happens, you haven’t completely lost the photos. As well as choosing a better form of digital storage such as an online cloud, you should always consider printing your favourite photos so you have another accessible copy.

These are my reasons for why you should print your travel photos. How do you showcase your memories from your trips, both domestic and international?

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