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From Barks to Breakdowns: Tales of My Chaotic Stag Do

With 2024 kicking in, my New Year resolutions were set. One of my major goals for the year was to leave my comfort zone and try new and exciting things before I get married to my girlfriend of 5 years. And that is exactly what led to me trying out stag do camping at a local farm for the weekend.

At first, the idea felt slightly intimidating. I have never been one for the outdoors, but I suppose that’s exactly what getting out of your comfort zone feels like.

My plan was simple: a relaxing trip to the local farm with my friends. It was the perfect opportunity to bask under the winter sun, unwind and relax with farm animals and wrap myself in the comfort of nature.

Our journey began early in the morning. Barely an hour into the journey, my car began to sputter, causing us to stop. Luckily, my friend who’s an experienced car technician found the source of the problem in the brake system.

Frustrated by the delays, we looked for brakes online and found a local mechanic who quickly made the necessary car part replacements. This teaches me not to skip on my routine car maintenance! Pro tip – always make sure to get your car parts and brakes double-checked before you leave for a short trip.

The Farm Life Unravels 

The change in the local environment was a clear indicator that we were finally out of the city and closer to the campsite.

After driving for a while, the farm came into view and it was nothing short of a picturesque sight for our sore eyes. The never-ending steep hills, the sound of animals in the far distance and the fresh scent of hay instantly lifted my mood.

But it was here, in the midst of the farm’s rustic beauty, that I found myself in a world completely different from my day-to-day life. As soon as we stepped in, we were met by a pack of excited dogs, tails wagging as if they had been waiting for us all morning. Their excitement was contagious, and in a matter of minutes, all our morning chaos was forgotten.

A Day With The Dogs 

I had never imagined that bathing a bunch of dogs would be so much fun! We were down to our knees in soapy water, laughing and splashing as each dog thoroughly enjoyed their pampering session.

After this, we were advised to clip our furry friend’s nails, something I’ve always been wary of. All I knew was that I didn’t want to hurt them and their hard-hitting yelps only frightened me further. However, the professional groomers helped me work my way around a pair of dog clippers and taught me how to use them without hurting the dogs.

To my absolute delight, this exercise turned out to be a master class in patience and learning how to communicate with your dog. Each dog taught us so much more than we bargained for. From Max, the hyperactive Border Collie who refused to sit still to Daisy, the calm Labrador who seemed to comprehend our beginner’s attempts at grooming, this entire experience was very wholesome for all of us.

I found myself building a connection to these simple and loving animals, reminding me of the joys life has in store for me.

Always Look For The Silver Lining 

As the sun set and the night’s stars came out, we sat around the campfire to recounter our adventures over some whiskey. The car breakdown – a moment of frustration – transformed into a story of friendship and fortitude. The dog grooming – initially a source of stress – transformed into an experience I’ll cherish forever.

Sitting in the warmth of the fire, I realised how each chaotic moment of the day contributed to an extraordinary and memorable day. It was a vivid illustration of life’s unpredictability, a mix of challenges and serendipitous encounters.

This misadventure, with its initial setbacks, unfolded into a series of valuable lessons. We learned the importance of adaptability, the strength found in unity, and the unexpected pleasures hidden in life’s detours.

Looking back, I know this stag do wasn’t just a pre-wedding party, it was a life lesson. The farm taught me to laugh at the unexpected. It taught me to smile at the unexpected. And that’s something I’ll continue to do as I enter this new chapter in my life.

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