teriffic tapas in spain

Where to enjoy the most terrific tapas in Spain?

Do you love tapas too? Find out where to try the best ones in Spain!

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I may have a website all about travelling around the world and the different places to visit but Spain is the country that really has a special place in my heart – and not just because of its terrific tapas!

Enjoying tapas with family or friends is an essential part of the Spanish culture, where local bars offer bite-sized dishes for its patrons to enjoy with their beverage.

This is popular throughout Spain and has spread across the world too, with plenty of tapas bars and restaurants popping up! We have one here in Tunbridge Wells and it is one of my favourite places to meet with friends.

Though the concept is a little different outside of Spain and rather than the tapas being complimentary, visitors choose their dishes from a proper tapas menu with individual prices for each dish.

So with this in mind, you may be wondering where you need to try these tapas when staying in Spain? Read on to find out…

1) Super Seville  

Famous for its big juicy oranges too, Seville offers so much to see and do as well as the very best of Spanish gastronomy.

Did you know there are over 215 tapas bars across the city? Order a delicious gazpacho or a montadito de pringá (sandwich with Andalusian meat spread) or go on a tapas tour in Seville and treat your tastebuds! This Andalusian city is so tich in culture and combined with its tempting tapas, it is a tourist’s dream…

terrific tapas in spain

2) Gorgeous Granada

Ah gorgeous Granada! I have enjoyed many evenings of wine and tapas in the charming city of Granada over the years. My in-laws have a holiday home just over an hour from this evocative city and I am trying my best to visit all 150 bars and resaurants there which specialise in tapas!

Granada’s tapas are made with local food products such as meat from the nearby Sierra Nevada, fresh fish caught on the Costa Tropical and vegetables cultivated in the fields of Granada. Try some traditional tapas of the city like jamón asado (oven-roasted ham), croquetas (croquettes, usually filled with ham or fish) or carne en salsa (slow-cooked beef in tomato sauce), and enjoy a tapas break with views of the Alhambra and the incredible architecture of Granada. Trust me, you’ll love it!

4) Marvellous Málaga 

Ah Malaga has a spcial place in my heart too. There’s just something about the capital of the Costa del Sol that brings out that holiday excitement in me! Perhaps because I have been flying into Malagas regularly since I was a tiny tot!

This charming city has kept its traditional Mediterranean flair, even after becoming a world-class holiday destination. With cosmopolitan vibes, the city has many terraces to choose from, where you can relax, enjoy the sun and try fantastic tapas… with a nice glass of wine or a beer of course!

Malaga’s gastronomy is the perfect example of the Mediterranean diet: high-quality products, healthy ingredients, a lot of variety and most importantly, a fair price. Among the traditional tapas of Malaga are the pescaito frito (different types of fried fish), ensalada malagueña (potato salad withcod or tuna, olives, hard-boiled eggs and oranges) and ajoblanco (cold almond soup). Combine them with a nice glass of sweet local wine called moscatel, and enjoy a night out in Malaga!

3) Sensatioanl Santiago de Compostela  

In the green north of Spain we find Santiago de Compostela, the city that marks the end point of the pilgrim route Camino de Santiago. Every year hundreds of pilgrims make the trip to Santiago de Compostela, with the goal of reaching the steps of the Saint James cathedral at the centre of the city. Once the tired travellers reach the city, they are of course seduced by Santiago de Compostela’s excellent gastronomy. The region is known for its seafood and fine meat products like dried sausages. Its closeness to the Atlantic Ocean and the lush green fields surrounding the city have created a paradise for foodies! All of this results in delicious tapas that will make you relish every bite. Pair your tapas with a bottle of local Albariño wine, and you will feel in gastronomic heaven!

So what do you think? Are you ready to book a flight to Spain to enjoy some of these tapas? You won’t regret it!

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