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3 ways to keep your family home neat and tidy with Lifewit

I know I’m not alone in finding it hard to keep the house neat and tidy. When I lived alone and there was nobody else around to make mess it was easy but that feels like a distant memory now! My house is tiny which means I do need to be on top of the housework otherwise the space feels really cluttered. Having lived here for 13 years now I think I’ve come to know how best to make the space work for us. So, here are our 3 ways to keep your family home neat and tidy.

1. Everything must have a place

Everything, from the post to the school bags, the laptops to the remote controls needs to have their own place. This is the best way I’ve found to keep things neat and tidy. Once you start letting items gather on the kitchen table it all starts feeling a little more chaotic. We keep the remote controls in a pot, the school bags go on the back of the girls’ desk chairs in their room. It does need amending from time to time but generally it works quite well.

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2. Utilise the space you have

You can create space by using Lifewit Clothes Storage Organisers which can be slotted into space under the bed, in the top of a cupboard or in the loft. This is a perfect space saving solution for those people who need to store summer clothes during winter and then find somewhere to put their winter clothes during the summer months. Their drawer organisers are perfect to help create a more usable space inside your drawers. All of their products can be purchased here.

3. Clear out

Using the process of reduce, reuse, recycle I do clear out on a regular basis. The majority of our unwanted items go to the charity shop unless they are worth selling on a local site. I try to have a clear out before Christmas so that I’m able to send some good quality toys to the Charity Shop.

It’s for my own benefit really, it makes me feel so good to think that someone short on money will be able to give their children something nice for Christmas, and our unwanted toys get another life. If you’re not sure if you’re going to need the item again, I would suggest putting it in the loft in a labeled and dated box, if you’ve not needed it in 6 months, I think you will find it’s time to send it on its way.

Do you have any recommendations for ideas to add too? We are always on the lookout for things so please do let us know…

I also think it is worth pointing out that if you have kids, it is best not to aim for perfection when it comes to having a clean and tidy home as it just isn’t something you have complete control over. Of course you can try your best and these tips will hopefully have a positive effect but as a whole, you need to give yourself a break – especially when your kids are really young. Trust me – I have been there! And continue to be…


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