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10 Tips For Planning Your Next Family Holiday

Whether you’re traveling with a fussy baby or a grumpy pre-teen, finding the appropriate balance of family rest and enjoyment can be difficult. We’ve put together some top advice for anyone considering a family getaway this summer.

Make It A Family Task

Involve your children in the planning and decision-making process from the start to make them feel more connected to the vacation. Begin by researching your budget and then polling your kids on their preferred accommodations or destinations.


Happy kids plus happy parents make for an ideal family vacation. Make sure you investigate areas that will appeal to everyone on the vacation, not just one or two. Find a balance between kid’s clubs, relaxed days out, and great meals. Choose your destination carefully, and receive any essential vaccinations.

Admin Obsessed

Now that you’ve done your homework, be sure you plus your family can go. Babys and toddlers, who used to be added to their mothers’ passports, now need their own. A passport for a minor (under 16) should suffice. Apply early to avoid delays. Also, get great family travel insurance. Make sure you have a good way to store your paperwork too. 

Prep, Prep, Prep

Taking your child to the airport or on a flight is enough to keep some parents in the UK until their child turns 18. But, if you prepare, there is nothing to fear. Make sure you have enough snacks and games to keep kids occupied. Depending on your child’s attention span, you may organize games like recognizing landmarks like the right tickets desk or the first flight every half hour.

Plan B

A child getting lost on vacation is a parent’s worst nightmare. Discuss a plan with your kids to allay their fears. If they have a phone, give them yours and the hotels. You can also buy wristbands or notes with your and the hotel’s details to place in their bag in case they locate someone that can help them. Agree on a daily meeting point in case you get separated.

On The Go

Dangers for children include hotter climates, powerful tides, and swimming pools. Keep your kids hydrated, protected from the sun, and on your watch when near water. If you can, keep your children in the shade, especially young babies, and don’t cover their cots with a blanket to provide shade.

Joyful And Fit

Parents realize the value of being prepared. Whether it’s a holiday cottage in Mid Wales or a holiday abroad you still need to be ready for an accident.  Carry Calpol or other child-friendly sickness treatment, as well as a tiny first aid kit for cuts and scrapes. In case of an emergency, know how to call local authorities and where the nearest A&E is. Remember, if your child has a minor illness, chemists may generally help.

Add Some Culture

Traveling overseas is vital for experiencing the local culture, and many parents get frustrated if their kids don’t soak it up. It’s important not to force cultural events on kids, but to make them enjoyable. Try taking them to historical landmarks, local dances, and even local cuisine.

Connect To Disconnect

This is enticing, especially if you want to check your mail, but technology can occasionally disrupt family harmony. Avoid using technology to reconnect with your family, or utilize it to have fun together.

Plan Ahead

Everyone knows children need routine or they can go crazy. There’s a small line between spontaneity and having nothing planned for 7 days. Give your kids structure and daily plans. The key is to achieve a balance between rest and amusement for both you and your kids.

These tips should help you to get ready for your next family holiday. Do you have any other tips that could help? Please share some ideas in the comments below.

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