how to fix a broken boiler

How to fix a broken boiler and what it costs

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It can be very frustrating to find your boiler isn’t working, especially in the depths of a freezing cold winter

If your boiler is on the blink, you can follow these steps to fix your boiler problems. This guide will assist you in diagnosing common boiler issues.

Professional attention may be required for certain problems. A registered Gas Safe Engineer can help you if you are unsure. They will quickly diagnose your boiler and make repairs safely. Some however you could manage to fix yourself, so let’s take a look.

These are the most common problems and are simple to fix.If these do not work then you will  need to hire a professional engineer who can help you diagnose the problem.

Turn on the boiler

This is a ridiculous and almost patronizing statement. However, boiler installation companies across the UK continue to make call out fees to customers who don’t realize their boiler is not working.

There are many possible causes of power outages.

Low pressure

There are many reasons why boilers can lose pressure. These are usually not concerns. If your boiler isn’t functioning or your pressure is too low, you can quickly get it back to normal.

No pilot light

To ignite the gas and heat the water, the boiler’s pilot light must be lit.

Sometimes, this flame can go out from sudden drafts, wandering spirits trying to contact it, or simply because.

The casing of an older boiler can be used to visually inspect the flame. If the flame is not lit, you should turn off the boiler and restart it.

If it’s still not igniting, you may have another underlying problem with your boiler, this guide outlines a list of other potential reasons your boiler may not ignite.

Frozen condensate pipe

Condensate pipes run from your boiler to the nearest external wall. Here is where liquids that have accumulated in your boiler are released.

Water that drips slowly is susceptible to freezing at cold temperatures.

Boiler shutting down can be caused by blockage of the condensate pipes. The boiler will shut down because too much water can’t escape. This is the most common reason why a boiler fails to work.

Your thermostat should be checked

You can check if your boiler doesn’t work because of a defective thermostat.

  • It is important to ensure that the battery pack contains enough power or it will not turn on.
  • You must ensure that the temperature is at the correct level
  • Check your Wi-Fi connection if the boiler thermostat is in effect
  • Make sure you check the time settings to ensure there aren’t any stand-by options or ‘vacation modes.’

How can I fix a boiler thermostat not working?

  • Replace the thermostat’s battery
  • Clear all settings, then return to manual operation
  • If all else fails, the thermostat manual is still available.

Boiler overload can cause an explosion and be a serious problem. Modern boilers are equipped with safety features to prevent overheating.

Is it possible that a boiler could explode if it gets too hot?

Boiler heat can cause severe damage, if not treated quickly. One of the main reasons a boiler overheats is blockages in the system which can be  stopped by installing a magnetic filter

This is highly unlikely. Modern boilers automatically shut off when there is a problem, even in such cases.

To ensure your boiler is safe, you should have it serviced annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer. If your boiler was installed more than 10 years ago, you should replace it. This will ensure that you have the latest safety features.

What is the cost of installing a new boiler in your region?

The average price of a new boiler will cost between PS1,500 to PS3,500, depending on the type of boiler and any other requirements. Below is a table showing the average price for boiler installation

Installation Type Price (inc VAT)
Combination swap from combo to combi £1,925
System to combi conversion £2,455
Install a new boiler £2,880
The back of the boiler can be used as a combi boiler £3,298
System to system £1,959


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