natural ways to clean your home

6 natural ways to clean your home

The average household uses around 30 plastic bottles of cleaning products a year, and when they’re usually packed with toxic chemicals, this is bad for both our health and the environment.

I would like to share 6 simple ways of using natural ingredients, that most households will already have in the kitchen cupboards, to effectively clean and spruce up the home.  If you stick these greener methods, just watch the shopping bills come down too!

#1 I used to love Cif, especially for cleaning bathroom and kitchen sinks, but a homemade cream cleaner can be just as effective. Using natural ingredients saves buying all those non-refillable, plastic bottles Cif comes in too. So, make a fresh batch every time you need it, of Bicarbonate of Soda and lemon juice, which when very simply mixed to a fizzy paste is ready to go! If you need to go a few steps further and are having unwanted visitors then exterminators near new jersey could well be worth contacting.

#2 If you have sticky finger marks on the mirrors and windows thanks to your children (always in my house), just add one-part vinegar to 4 parts water and watch the dirt disappear. Adding lemon juice if you have some, will not only help make your home smell fresh, but is a nifty little degreaser too.

#3 The beauty of solid wood flooring is that it is very low maintenance but when they need a good clean, a homemade natural cleaner can be made in seconds. Just warm water and vinegar will do the job or add your favourite essential oil to give the room a lovely fragrance. If you’re concerned about using water on a wooden floor, just swap it for vegetable oil – you’ll be rewarded with extra shine too!

natural ways to clean your home

#4 With constant spills and little feet in and out, my carpets take a real pounding, so when I read about simply sprinkling and hoovering up Bicarbonate of Soda, I couldn’t wait to give it a try! The results are a much fresher and cleaner carpet, plus adding a few drops of essential oil makes the room really inviting.

#5 If you have any natural wood furniture that could do with a spruce-up, olive oil can be buffed into the surface, to both nourish and polish the wood. Definitely one of the most therapeutic cleaning jobs!

#6 And my final tip (well its 3 in 1 tips really) won’t cost you anything and are an absolute doddle! Turn off the tumble dryer and opt to line dry your washing. Cut up old towels, muslins, t-shirts to use as cleaning cloths and finally, save your newspapers for drying mirrors and glass, streak free!

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