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5 things you might not know about online gaming

Were you a fan of gaming as a teen too? It started with a Game Boy for me, followed by Super Mario on the SNES and when I look up things like “what are esports?” and take a look at what online gaming offers us today – wow – it really has progressed to something we could never have imagined!

It can be easy to look at the negatives of being online too much, but there really are lots of positives to online gaming today too. So here they are…..5 things you might not know about online gaming and the positive things it can bring to our lives:

1) Variety is the spice of life!

We all know that the latest games consoles along with all of their paraphernalia, can be pretty pricey at the best of times but there are some fantastic low cost options too. For example, offers over 500 games with more published each day for you to enjoy online.

Personally, I really rate the PacRat Game which is an updated version of ‘Pacman’. The ‘players’ is the mouse and the aim of the games is to collect lots of pieces of cheese! Does it sound familiar? It always makes me think of playing Pacman at my neighbour’s house as a child. Personally I think PacRat is every bit as good, if not better!

1) Keeps the mind occupied

My goodness the last year has had its challenges and trying to keep the mind occupied has not always been easy. Yes exercise is wonderful and being outdoors is always a joy too, but sometimes we just want to sit and chill and playing some online gaming can really enable that. Whether you are looking for the best diablo 2 builds or doing some brain training games, it really can help to keep your brain active – I would go as far as saying it’s exercise for the brain!

From discovering the correct gaming vpn to figuring out updates and ways to get ahead in your games, it certainly does keep the mind occupied.

2) Surprisingly sociable

Going out and meeting people in person is obviously a wonderful way to socialise but online gaming offers a surprisingly sociable element to it too. From children to teens to adults, it can be a great way for people from multi-generations to come together and play with both existing and new friends.

3) Thinking of the future

Children’s IT skills are being challenged and nourished from a young age simply because technology is intrinsically a part of our present and future. The digital industry is vast and I truly think online gaming can help to develop and hone in on these skills which will help with career options further down the line.

4) ……and relax!

Well I don’t know about you but I find life pretty hectic these days. Or maybe it has always been like that? Anyway gaming can actually help people to chill out when they need it most and assuming that they aren’t playing anything too ‘energetic’ it can often be a good way of relaxing. Sometimes we just need to let our minds rest and let fun takeover…

5) Do you remember?

I do think that online gaming can help people to relax but I think there are certain games that can really help with brain training too. I used to play Solitaire online a lot as a teen and it really helped with enhancing memory. Or at least that’s how I remember it! After all, I need all the help I can get…

I hope you found this blog post useful? Are you a fan of online gaming? I would love to know what you think?

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