Family Beach Trip

5 Tips for a Sustainable Family Beach Trip

Traveling is a perfect family pastime, and also a wonderful opportunity to create some amazing memories that everyone will cherish forever. That’s why going to the beach is such a great way to have some quality family time: there are so many activities to pick from, and kids generally enjoy beaches, as well as adults. However, sustainability is also a pretty big topic, so making the beach trip eco-friendly matters a lot. Therefore, here are some helpful tips that will help you make that happen.

1. Respect the other living creatures on the beach

Beach isn’t only home to sand and water, there are other living creatures that live there. Some of the beach wildlife species are endangered, which is why it’s essential to be respectful and mindful of the environment while being there. Animals and plants that call beaches their home need to be protected and taken care of, so be sure to teach the kids to treat them with kindness. Beaches are public spaces that should be cherished and protected by all visitors equally. 

2. Pick up after yourselves

Staying at the beach means it’s very likely you’ll produce some waste during the stay. Even though there’s nothing wrong with that, it is your duty to leave no trace and pick up after yourself. Nowadays, the big majority of beaches have designated spaces for trash disposal, but if that’s not the case, then make sure to bring a few trash bags in order to pick up all of your waste. Food leftovers, paper wrappers, baby wipes, and everything else need to be removed in order to keep the beach clean.

3. Wear the right type of beachwear

The choice of beachwear can have effects on the environment: fast fashion is a big culprit behind the world’s pollution, so opting for sustainable swimwear for adults can also set a great example to your kids. Also, if you find some types of eco-friendly kids’ beachwear, then feel free to consider buying that for your kids. Clothes are a big part of one’s identity, and learning the connection between sustainability and fashion can be beneficial to the environment. Aside from beachwear, it’s important to pay attention to the type of beach shoes that you’re wearing, too. 

4. Find alternatives to plastic products

Plastics are detrimental to the planet, but they’re also widely available and cheap. However, if you’re looking to make your beach trip sustainable, then be sure to reduce your use of plastic, and find greener alternatives. Plastic is especially dangerous to marine wildlife since a huge chunk of it ends up in the oceans. That’s why it’s recommended to bring your own water bottle, as well as snacks that aren’t wrapped in plastic. Also, using reusable lids and straws is a smart move that can help you lower your plastic consumption.

5. Be careful when applying sunscreen 

Sunscreen is the most important beach-going item, however, not all of them are equally beneficial to the planet. Some chemical sunscreens contain ingredients that have been linked to coral bleaching. Also, when such chemicals end up in the water, they’re also polluting it and endangering the living creatures in it. That’s why using mineral sunscreen is a better solution, as they’re healthier and less damaging to the corals. Plus, this type of sunscreen is better for children, as it doesn’t penetrate the skin. 


These are amazing tips that will help you have a wonderful, sustainable family beach experience. Remember that doing eco-friendly things and teaching your kids more about the environment is sustainability is the sure way to help the environment through education and setting the right example. 

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