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Top ways to enjoy a family Winter vacation in 2022

Winter is one of our favourite seasons for a vacation, allowing us to spend quality time with our families. Many of us get excited about the winter vacation long before it even approaches. 

Enjoying a hot tea or perhaps a mulled wine in front of the fireplace with the family gathered can surely create some unforgettable memories! 

We try to look for various ways to make it unique and picture-perfect every year. Some of us even strive to make it better than the previous one. 

So, if you are one of them looking for the best ways for winter family vacation, we have got you covered. Check out our creative family leisure activities mentioned below to try them out for the 2022 vacation!

Showcase Your Cooking Skills 

Remember those tasty recipes you have been watching on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest all year long? Well, it’s time to try them!   

Cook a warm festive meal for your family to enjoy in the winter. Or you can even try out some new delicious desserts to see how it turns out. 

Let each adult of the house make something new this vacation season. Eat together and pull out some lovely conversations on old memories or talk about the interesting matters at hand! 

Poker Night with Family

There are many games that you play with your family. But poker has its charm! So, get your family together and bring along a few packs of cards because it’s poker night!

Poker has some interesting variants that you can try. These include 3-card poker, Texas Hold ’em, Omaha Hi-Lo and others. So you’ll have to teach every member of the family the rules of the game before playing poker.

To make it more exciting, you can even throw in some cash to get the spirit up. Alternatively, an added competition with a winning prize could spice up your family gaming night.

If you don’t have any cards on you, you can take it online. Find the best online poker sites with comparison tools such as

A Visit to Santa’s Hometown

You don’t need to spend your vacation confined to home. Try visiting any of the coolest countries in the North Pole. The legend has it that the North Pole is the home to our beloved Santa Claus. 

The city of Rovaniemi was declared as the official hometown of Santa in 1985. In fact, there’s actually an amusement park in Rovaniemi, Finland, known as Santa Claus Village. Although the park is open throughout the year, it is spectacular to visit during the winter.

The Christmas spirit can be experienced thriving in snow and colourful lights here. Add joy to your kids’ fantasies by visiting Santa Claus Village. It’s a perfect destination to visit with your family and make your winter family vacation memorable. 

Breath-taking view of Aurora Borealis

The Aurora Borealis is commonly known as the northern lights. The shimmering green curtain of lights with shades of purple, pink, orange and few other colours is bound to leave you speechless! 

One of the best countries from where you can watch this spectacular view is Norway. Family time is well spent watching these dancing lights. You can even try your photography skills to capture the breath-taking sight.

Alternatively, lie in Norway’s popular glass igloos with your partner, viewing through the abundance of the night sky!

How about a Sledge Ride in the snow-clad mountains of Sweden? 

Well, it’s winter, and you must involve snow in your fun activities. Get out from your cosy fireplaces and try a sledge ride in the snow-clad mountains of Sweden. 

The white sheets of thick snow can be ridden with a reindeer or even with a pack of some cute Alaskan Huskies. There are several activity centres you can visit that will help you with sledging activities. 

You can get a striking view of wilderness, of course, covered in snow on these rides. Along with this, the frozen lakes and white mountains will leave you cherishing the beauty of nature. Chances of spotting wild wolves, Arctic fox and few other Arctic animals will add a cherry on the top!

Skiing – More fun in Snow!

Skiing resorts are common in the UK. Get your snowboard out and visit one of these resorts for the ultimate retreat.

Ski through scenic sites of the snowy mountains to experience the thrill like never before. You can get some help from the ski instructors here to teach your kids skiing. Altogether, it’s a wholesome activity to try out with your family!

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