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Healthy Eating Tips For Parents & Children

A healthy diet is important for a happy family. Unfortunately, many parents tend to feed their kids junk food and snacks, knowing that it will keep them in place without any fuss. However, such snacks are full of added sugars and other processed ingredients that can have negative effects on children’s development and wellbeing. So, to make things easier, as well as having look at Activated You on Facebook, here are some healthy eating tips suitable both for parents and children.

1. Make a meal plan 

A meal plan on a weekly basis can be of great help when trying to instill healthy eating habits. Knowing which foods to expect can make kids more in tune with the rest of the family, including the preparation process. If making a full weekly meal plan is too much work, then at least, plan your meals for a couple of days in advance. Knowing what to prepare for lunch can be a big relief when you’re also raising a family and working your regular job.

2. Allow kids some snacks, but be careful with it

Snacks make everyone happy, that’s a fact. Despite their bad reputation, kids should be allowed to eat them from time to time. Banning them from your household can have the opposite effect: the kids may sneak them in or eat them excessively when not at home. Therefore, finding a healthy balance is a great way to teach them about healthy nutrition without any restrictions. Having a healthy relationship with food is crucial for one’s wellbeing, which is why it’s necessary to instill such beneficial values in childhood. 

3. Research the foods that you’re eating

Sure, reading every single food label can be exhausting, but being informed to a degree is important. For example, if kids love chicken meat, then be sure to research are wings bad for you, before you decide to add them to the regular menu. If kids have issues with sensitive bowels or anxiety, then eliminating foods with bad ingredients can have tremendous benefits on their wellbeing. Doing a bit of research can be super helpful, so don’t skip that step.

4. Find the common ground with picky eaters

Kids can be notoriously picky eaters, and that is a source of frustration for parents from all over the globe. Therefore, rather than stuffing your kids with the food they dislike and refuse, it’s better to try and find the common ground with them. Keep in mind that kids need to eat a wide variety of nutrients to grow healthy and strong, so that should be your goal rather than begging them to eat. Some tips can help you get on the right track, and remember that it’s important to avoid behaviors that directly promote picky eating habits. 

5. Treat yourself from time to time

Healthy eating habits start at home, but what if you, as a parent, are too tired to cook? Well, in that case, feel free to treat the whole family from time to time, as that can also show kids that there’s nothing wrong with this type of behavior. Also, if you’re ordering in or eating out, it’s best to choose a place that serves healthy meals, made of quality ingredients. Fast food chains might be more fun, but eating there shouldn’t be your go-to solution.


These healthy eating tips will help you and your kids turn over a new leaf and improve your wellbeing. Remember that teaching your kids about healthy foods and proper eating habits can have amazing effects on their relationship with food once they grow up. Also, be sure to communicate with picky eaters, so they’ll be able to eat healthily and on a regular basis. 

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