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How to Digitize Your DVD Collection While Vacationing

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Hello everyone, today we want to bring up the topic of digitizing your DVD collection and how exactly you can do it. DVDs become less popular now because most films move to streaming platforms and virtual storage services. Your collection can be lost, because of special players that you have to use and destroyed due to time.

We can’t keep this stuff forever, that’s why we need to digitize it as soon as possible before those films are lost forever. We talk about not only the movies but also family videos, memories, etc. that are kept on DVDs. After reading this article, you’ll know how to change the format of videos into digital ones. 

dvd collection

How to Digitize Your DVD Collection While Vacationing

So, why on Earth you should ever be bored with digitizing old formats? We will convince you that it’s the only way of saving your memories and not losing them. Meet the best reasons why you have to copy DVD to computer:

1. Safety

Once you digitize your DVDs, they will always be with you. You won’t face the problem of finding the right player to see it, and in most cases, such players no longer function.

2. Reconstruction

It often happens that some parts of old DVD videos are damaged, and you can’t fix it without special software on your computer. Make sure you use a good one, where you can renew the colours, stitch some parts of the video together, and so on. You can find out more about such software by reading the article about the best video editing software.

3. Ease of duplication 

Digitized versions can be easily shared and replicated at any time you need them. Just imagine how much time you’ll save while sharing it via your computer or going to specialists to make a copy of your DVD for other members of your family or friends.

4. Family history

Imagine how happy your parents or grandparents would be if you gave them a digitized video from their wedding or some other dear memories. For most people, it’s the most important thing when it comes to digitizing DVDs. We advise you to use a DVD to MP4 converter as software to save your family history and rewatch it at any time.

5. Cataloguing

Your videos can be easily ordered and named as you want, just make some folders and name the videos with the names you would be able to find. It’s a great way to organize your storage and arrange memories in the right order in the timeline.

6. Sharing on social media 

People love to see old memories on social media, you can also upload some of yours on your Facebook or Instagram account. Just digitize it and add it to your account for people to see and share it. 

These were the most reasonable factors why you have to digitize your DVDs into any other computer format files. Of course, there are plenty of others, but our research indicated that these 6 points are the most widespread among internet users. 

4 Ways of How to Convert DVD to Digital Format Files 

Now, that you understand why you have to do it and what are the main reasons to convert DVD to digital format, we want to show you ways on how you can make it yourself. It’s not as hard as you may think: all you have to know is several ways of making it via your personal computer and having one at your disposal. 

1. Connecting right to a computer

If you have a working VCR (Video Cassette Recording) at your disposal, you can easily connect it to your computer and do all the work in one step. RCA cables will help you with it, just connect the USB plug on the end of this gadget to your Mac or PC. 

2. Record it directly on your memory card

If you want to avoid digitizing your DVD into your computer directly, we advise you to use a memory card instead. There are a lot of CD memory cards or USB drivers that may help you with this. Moreover, most TVs have a USB port, so you’ll be able to watch movies or videos on the big screen with your family. 

3. Recording from the screen

Another way of digitizing your memories is recording them right from the screen of your computer. Don’t think that through this method you’ll get bad quality, it can be easily fixed by some good software on the market. 

4. Hire a service

In case you don’t want to make it yourself, there is always a possibility to apply to a service that can help you with it. Just google some variants and find something from your town. Don’t lose the chance to immortalize your wedding day memories or some special memories for your kids and grandkids. 


These are the most common variants of DVD to digital conversion, all you have to do is choose the most interesting one for you. Via this, you’ll be able to keep your memories on your smartphone and see them at any time you want. In case you download too many videos, we can advise you to see how you can increase memory space

Now you have all the knowledge needed to digitize your DVDs and have them on your personal computer. DVD ripper is the key to keeping your memories and having free access to them when you want. You can make it a gift to your parents or show your memories to your kids. All you need is to find your old DVDs and spend about an hour converting them onto your computer. 

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