Five Of The Greatest Desert Destinations On Earth

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While witnessing the delights of Ireland and experiencing life in France is recommended, sometimes people want to go on an epic adventure to a landscape they wouldn’t usually frequent. One such getaway that fits the bill in that respect is a desert vacation, with desert-themed holidays appealing to a number of holidaymakers. 

From the wildlife on offer to the ability to trek across an untouched landscape, there are so many reasons why people choose to embark on a desert adventure. Additionally, some people simply enjoy being in an area of vast emptiness as they escape a technology-filled world where people are accessing desert-themed games like Desert Treasure instead of actually experiencing desert life in the flesh. While this type of sandy holiday isn’t for everyone, with some people perhaps preferring beach life, it’s most definitely for those who want to try something a little bit different. If that sounds like you, then below is a look at five of the greatest desert destinations on earth. 


With most of the country being arid, Namibia is a desert-filled nation that is famous around the world, especially with adventurers. Offering a vast expanse to explore, the Namib Desert is a place adored by the more adventurous, with people taking memorable images on giant orange sand dunes and marvelling at the rich selection of wildlife that frequent the coastal strip. A safari tour is certainly recommended, although a mountain biking holiday or a fishing trip are other excellent activities to enjoy alongside your getaway. 


A favourite adventure destination for so many, Oman is filled with everything an adventurous holidaymaker requires. Also offering amazing mountainous landscapes and clear waters to swim in, Oman is also home to a remarkable 80% of desert. In fact, it’s a country that is actually a desert state, making it the ideal option for a holiday. From the Al Hajar mountains to the desert and dunes of Wadi Shab and Wadi Bani Khalid, Oman is a go-to option for many adventurers. Wildlife enthusiasts adore Omen also, with a diverse range of wildlife calling it home. 

The Canary Islands 

Although most people understandably associate The Canaries as a relaxation spot filled with pristine beaches and deliciously fresh cuisine, there is actually a vast terrain to explore, including these landscapes. In Lanzarote, for example, the sandy fields of the Central Desert are beautiful and certainly worth exploring if you ever find yourself in the popular tourist destination. A day walking at the Island of Eternal Spring is a great thing to do, too. 


Alongside its rich culture and tradition, many people venture to Morocco to immerse themselves in the epic lands of the Sahara. One of the largest hot deserts on the planet, a trek through the Sahara is a bucket list favourite for many holidaymakers. From glorious sunsets and creamy dunes to a selection of stunning wildlife and amazingly clear skies at night, exploring such a vast landscape is understandably appealing. From going there for a day trek to being able to stay there at night at a traditional Berber camp, Morocco is a fantastic option for a desert-themed break away. 


Growing in reputation in recent times, Kazakhstan’s Central Asian desert is a destination well worth visiting. Filled with amazing rock sculptures and a selection of desert sounds thanks to the strong winds that blow across the land, this gigantic 3 kilometres long and 120 metres high desert is an instant favourite with travellers who are lucky enough to experience it. In terms of a trekking holiday, there aren’t many better destinations in the world.

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