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Save space, time and money with these viral packing hacks

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Thinking of jetting off on holiday? These TikTok packing tips and tricks are designed to help you combat queues and save those precious pennies. 

You might’ve seen that, back in March, the likes of Ryanair, easyJet and Jet2 changed their regulations regarding carry-on luggage. Now, passengers are only allowed to take one piece of hand luggage on the flight for free. 

This has meant many holidaymakers have faced additional charges, and those wanting a large bag are having to pay extra for a seat with extra legroom, or specify this when booking the flight. 

Thankfully, Casumo have put together some of the internet’s best packing hacks, taking to TikTok to help you fit more in your hand luggage. 

Let’s explore how you can travel with more, for less…

Rolling vs folding

The age-old debate of whether to fold or roll your clothes into your suitcase has been solved. 

TikTok user @mrsblinks has proven rolling is a nifty trick that can help you pack a lot of clothes into a small suitcase, reducing the amount of creased clothes on your holiday whilst doing so. 

Compression bags

Compression bags are a great viral packing hack that @sideofsequins deemed ‘essential’, when she popped her clothes in the bag, rolled out the excess air and fit so many more outfits in her case than she ever anticipated! 

Don’t forget to take a travel iron or steamer though, or you’ll likely be spending your holiday in wrinkled clothing.

DIY neck pillow

Another great tip posted to TikTok by @kristenashleyblack, is to make your own neck pillow. Do this by simply rolling up extra clothes into a jumper and wrapping the sleeves around your neck! Voila! 

Use your travel pillow

Speaking of neck pillows, did you know that pillows fly for free? @anayotothe proved this by taking out the stuffing of a travel pillow and filling it with all her extra clothes, before zipping it up and leaving airport staff none-the-wiser. 

Use a clothes organiser

This ‘one step pack and unpack travel hack’ went viral thanks to TikToker @lorafied, who showed us how we can pack our clothes in an organiser before placing them in the suitcase. 

Then, upon reaching your destination, simply hang this up and you’ll have easy access to all your outfits! 

You could even pack your clothes into compression bags before slotting them into the organiser, for even more space and efficiency! 

The pregnancy trick

This next trick might be questionable, but was made famous by @miniadventures. Her viral video showed her using a string bag to create a fake baby bump. 

By wearing a hoodie and stashing her additional clothes, she was able to not only bring more onto the flight, but bag herself priority boarding due to convincing everyone she was pregnant. Risky business! 

Detangled jewellery

The next tip isn’t so much about saving space, but instead some oh-so-precious time. To prevent your jewellery arriving in a tangled mess, pack your necklaces and bracelets in individual zip-top bags, keeping part of the chain in the zipper, with the rest hanging neatly in the bag. 

Pill organisers are perfect for rings and earrings too, so you’ll never be searching for those sets again! 

Toiletries galore

This packing hack will help you avoid the Government guidelines that restrict the amount of liquids you can take on the flight. 

You won’t have to worry about measuring out 100ml, because @emma.mahon took to TikTok to show how she used the Click and Collect feature when online shopping. 

By finding out which stores are available when you’re through security, you can avoid paying airport prices and still take all your favourite toiletries on holiday by pre-paying and collecting them before your flight! 

Whilst some packing hacks might be a little easier – and less questionable – than others, there are plenty of ways to make your trip more efficient, saving you time, space and most importantly – money. 

Will you be trying any of these tricks on your next trip? Or perhaps you’d like to share your own revelations on TikTok?

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