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7 simple ways to be more eco friendly this year

Looking for ways to be more eco friendly this year? We have six ideas to share…

This is a collaborative post.

Looking after my three kids full-time during a pandemic while staying on-top of remote learning and fulfilling my work commitments can take up a lot of time. I’m sure so many of you can relate to this, even if your setup is a bit different.

In the last few years, I have become far more aware about making little changes to be more eco friendly at home. I still have a long way to go but I think small steps are better than no steps. Right? So here are my six simple ways to be more eco friendly this year…

Skin routine

I have finally reverted to reusable face pads. Each night I take off my makeup using a cleansing cream and previously used 3 or 4 disposable cotton pads. It might seem like only a few at a time but it soon piles up. I bought a packet of 20 eco pads which are apparently the equivalent of 1000 cotton pads (as I’ll be reusing them again and again). You can find some gorgeous looking reusable face pads online.

Packed lunches and picnics

Have you heard of wax wraps? These are a great alternative to tin foil and cellophane. It’s a great way to help with eliminating single use plastic and they often come in lovely designs too!

What are you wearing?

Have a good think about your clothing and where it originates from? Bamigo have some wonderful clothes for men, made using bamboo fibres, while there are plenty of ethical brands for women too. Also think about adapting your current wardrobe and always either sell or give away your unwanted clothes where possible.

It’s all in the packaging

I’m from Ireland so occasionally send presents back home to family. I previously always used plastic envelopes or sacks to send the items but more recently I have been using eco friendly packaging where possible. There are some great options out there now which makes it much easier.

Re-filling all the way

I first used a re-fill service during the first lockdown when I couldn’t get hand soap from the supermarket, and I have now become a convert. Bring your own containers to a local re-fill shop and voila, you can choose what you would like in them and don’t need to feel the guilt of single plastic use.

It can also work out to be far more budget friendly that you think. If you are in Tunbridge Wells, try The Zero Waste Company.

Avoid single-use items

Leading on from my point about using re-fills, I am also trying to avoid purchasing single-use plastic items. For example, ready meals, bottled water and random items that we just don’t really ‘need’. Obviously when/if we do use something which comes in a plastic container we recycle it. But reducing it in the first place is a food start.

Can it be fixed?

I have been very guilty of rushing to Amazon to replace something if it is broken. But sometimes, with a little effort, an item can be fixed. Have a look at each item and think carefully whether it can be fixed or whether you might be able to get another one second hand? Or do you even need a replacement?

With a little planning and effort in 2021, we can all make an effort to be more eco friendly. We don’t have to be too extreme about it. Just small changes here and there! Good luck….

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