ways to make your house cosy for winter

4 ways to make your house cosy for winter

iAs soon as the seasons start to change from Summer to Autumn and then from Autumn to Winter I am there ready to start making changes to my house to make it more cosy. As soon as the first leaf falls I find myself dreaming of open fires, candles, bonfires and cosy blankets for snuggling into.


I love using throws and blankets around the home to make it feel more cosy. I layer the different textures so there are options according to what you feel you might need on a cold winter’s day. Often my favourite is a faux fur blanket because it is so incredibly soft and really makes you feel snuggled in. Imagine; fire lit, film on…


I am lucky enough to have a wood burner in our living room. During the coldest of winter months we use this for the majority of the day and evening as a good provider of heat but also to add a really cosy focal point in the room. If I haven’t used it during the day I will light it about ten minutes before I do the school run so the children come back to a warm and welcoming sight.


I always like to get into my comfy clothes when I know I’m going to be staying at home for the rest of the day. Whether is it comfy pyjamas or a snuggly adult onesie – the choice is yours. I love having a hood to keep my head warm too and some soft thick socks and slippers!

ways to make your house cosy for winter

Solid wood flooring

We have beautiful solid wood flooring in our kitchen and boot room. I love it, the texture, the warmth and depth of the colour and also how easy it is to clean! During the summer months I ditch all the mats as this is a high traffic area but as soon as the weather turns I love to add various mats to the solid wood floor to make it that bit cosier. I love how flexible this is. A new addition this autumn is a big mat under our kitchen table. Now my children are older I’m trusting there won’t be any major spills that I can’t clean up!


Making your home cosy wouldn’t be complete without the addition of candles as well as some tasteful lighting. There are so many beautiful scents to add to your home. I must admit that The White Company Winter candle is my absolute favourite. I can’t imagine Christmas without it. Over the weekend I was treated to a new one called Orange Rind. It’s a lovely subtle scent. I love the cosy look achieved by a layering of candle heights. Try a few tea lights, a pillar candle and a couple of dinner candles loosely grouped for the ultimate cosy scene.

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