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Is Quick-Step Vinyl Quick-Clean?

We understand that the maintenance of the kitchen is a daily chore that can drive us nuts, with all that cooking, rushing around collecting clothes for the washing machine and turning on and off your appliances – then after all is said and done, you have to clean it and that alone is enough to make you throw in the towel.

The answer to reducing this and get your time back, making the kitchen clean up simple and contained can be as simple as having Quick-Step luxury vinyl laying on your floor instead of your current flooring. Let us look at some situations that a regular kitchen faces and how vinyl flooring can stop you from losing the urge when the cleaning is due.

Spillages and Clean Ups

The Kitchen is the epicentre for the preparation of food and drinks, with risks guaranteed when it is sauces or liquids – there is cleaning to follow that is required for your attention.

As you may have experienced with regular flooring, stains following multiple clean up attempts are plentiful. The difference with luxury vinyl flooring is that it offers easy to clean design layers with the added benefit of stain resistance, meaning a warm soapy sponge clean leaves no trace of discolouration.

Long Life

Quick-Step vinyl has been manufactured with scratch guards that ensure that floors given tough challenges do not require hiding any of any lasting imperfections – so useful when it comes to home decor.

You probably have pets running across the floor to the outside, you probably will have replacements of new kitchen appliances throughout the years – all providing regular kitchen flooring with a lot on a regular day, let alone all year round.

All luxury vinyl flooring planks and tiles today come manufactured with anti-slip safeguards and a 100% waterproof design, which means water from the sink or washing machine will not soak through underneath and cause damage or rot at the subfloor level.


Tiles and planks of vinyl generally don’t require replacement due to their durability, but should you need to replace them for whatever reason, uninstalling and reinstalling is a quick and easy job, which is why interior designers love them so much – it doesn’t interrupt their designs.

You stand to save a lot of money by not requiring the employment of professionals to install the flooring, so you or your partner can jump into his DIY. It is a perfect project for putting creative minds to work and for people who enjoy home decor.

Quick-Step luxury vinyl provides one thing we all love to have – freeing time up to dedicate to family. The kitchen requires cleaning more than any other due to the amount of food preparation, washing up and folding of clothing that occurs every day. We would recommend flooring that gives you time back in cleaning and sustainability – that would be Quick-Step vinyl flooring

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