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Traveling: The best way to learn to speak Spanish

Many people say learning Spanish is one of the most complex and difficult languages to learn, but, as everything in this life, it’s not an impossible task. There is also a reason why this language is known as the “language of love”, thanks in part to its complexity.

Learning new languages is a very beneficial tool for anyone. It’ll help you open your mind to new ways to see the world, meet new people and enjoy your travels in a different way. This experience can improve a lot if you can learn while seeing new places. Just imagine what it’ll be like to study Spanish in Barcelona.

As you might have guessed, this way of learning a new language has many benefits. Enjoying the experience of learning while traveling around seeing new places and meeting new people is a unique sensation. Even better if you can enjoy one of the most beautiful cities in the whole world, Barcelona, one of the best cities in Spain.

Barcelona, a mandatory stop for all travelers

Catalunya is one of the most beautiful places in the Iberic peninsula and a mandatory stop in any visit to this place. Everything is outstanding, from its mountains to its beaches, going through the incredible architecture of its cities and enjoying its mythical dishes, you can choose to take an intensive Spanish course Barcelona and take full advantage of your time there!

But, lets dive deeper into the topic at hand. Why should you choose Barcelona from all the other Spanish cities? Well, there are four point that might answer this question:

  • Architecture
  • Food
  • Society
  • Geography

These topics might already tempt you, don’t they? These are really important when going abroad. Just look for any Spanish learning establishment in Barcelona to learn this beautiful language and its unique culture. Click here if you want find out more on this topic and view more about this city.

Unique architecture in every corner

It doesn’t really matter if you know much about art, it’s very lightly that you might have heard people mentioning the name of Antoni Gaudi. If you haven’t, you have definitely visited or seen one of his many works.

This master architect is responsible some of the most outstanding buildings in Barcelona, alongside some fewer known architects. These people turned Barcelona into a beautiful piece of art. These are some of the mandatory stops in Barcelona:

  • The Vicen’s House
  • The Finca Güell Pavilions
  • The Park Güell
  • The Güell Palace
  • The Calvet House
  • The Batló House
  • The Miralles Gate
  • And we can forget to mention the incredible and outstanding “Sagrada Familia” cathedral.

Even though, last Architectural work is not even finished yet, it’s still one of the most iconic and distinctive building in the whole city. We guaranty you it’ll defiantly take your breath away. It’s since is not only incredible, but it’s combination of simplicity and complexity in the same place makes it unique from other cathedrals.

Depending on the time of the day you might visit it, it’s interior temperature will change from warmer in the mornings to colder during the afternoons, all this thanks to its architect clever use of different colored glass panels in the different vaults. When the sunlight hits one side of the cathedral, a blue and green light will bath it’s interior, and when it hits the other side, yellow and orange will take its dominant place. Can you even imagine it?

Speak Spanish

A unique culinary experience

Another mayor reason to study Spanish in Barcelona is it’s unique and different culinary experience. Catalan dishes are the pride of the region. There are many typical dishes to pick from, and many restaurants give them their own different touch. You’ll be able to try the same dish many times, and often times have a different sensation with many different flavors.

In regard to this, we’ll only make two recommendations:

  • Forget about your diet.
  • Don’t be afraid of the many typical family restaurant scattered across the city.

The low temperatures during the winters makes dishes in this region to usually be calories rich. It’s also characterized by its homemade nature. This last point is the reason why we encourage you to search for the best flavors outside the big restaurants.

Catalan culture and its inhabitants

The quality and nature of this cities inhabitants is also something to mention. This particular city has a quality that is different form the other cities in the region, it’s a real modern Babel Tower. The amount of foreign that choose this city to live their life’s or just a few months it’s incredible.

This might be the reason why it’s so easy to fall in love with its people. They are so used to meeting new faces that is really easy to talk to them, befriend them and feel at home.

It’s a very Bohemian city, a relaxing place with a lot of culture in all its streets. It won’t take long for you to see the difference with any other Spanish city. This city does not only speak Spanish, they also speak Catalan, a language with french-italian-castillan roots. The dynamic of this city is unique.

Catalan people are very prideful of their culture and usually collide with their compatriots. Catalunya has been trying to become independent from Spain and its monarchy, so be careful with the jokes.

Everything you may want in a single city!

Are you looking for heights? Barcelona has it! Do you prefer the seas? Barcelona got you covered! Located in the Mediterranean shores, 110 km away from the Pyrenees, the Catalan capital has everything to offer.

If you want some peace and quiet, there are many villages and locations close to the city, but far away from tourist routes, where you can enjoy its hidden places. If it’s cold and snow you are looking for, Andorra’s sky’s tracks are only a few hours away.

But, if you don’t want to leave the city to enjoy nature, you can enjoy it in the Güell park or in the many green places surrounding the city. As soon as you arrive, we recommend you to get a map and start walking around from place to place, this way you’ll find the many lovely places Barcelona has to offer.

A unique way to study Spanish

The second biggest city in Spain, and the sixth in the European Union, this place is known as “the Global City”. As you might have already found out above, this is no surprise.

Start your Spanish learning experience walking around the different neighborhoods int the city such as the Ciutat Vella, Example, Raval, Sants-Montjuïc, Horta Guinardó, and many morte. Get a firsthand experience of this beautiful and unique language and culture.

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