Tips to visit Valencia

Tips to visit Valencia in Spain this summer with the kids

When looking to book a summer holiday for the family, one of the best locations out there is Valencia. It is a charming and beautiful destination situated in Spain that has something for everyone. Often, going on holiday with kids can feel like a bit of a nightmare, where you wonder if there will be enough to do and see and that no one is bored. You want to stay somewhere that feels safe, isn’t too far away on an aeroplane and has plenty of good food and drink options. This is exactly what you will find when you Visit Valencia. Here are some top tips when visiting Valencia with children this summer…

Plan what you will do ahead of time

One of the best things about Valencia is that it has so many things to do, yet this can also make it a bit of a logistical nightmare. Ensure that before you go, you plan what you will do each day and make an itinerary. In this, you could make time to visit the beach, go to the many museums and the parks such as  Parc Municipal La Granja or Valencia Zoo Park. Make sure that you schedule in more time than you will need to allow for delays such as slow walking children, stopping for food and drink or being stuck in traffic.

Ensure you schedule in some relaxation time too. Whether that’s a visit to one of the gorgeous beaches or chilling out together in hammocks at the place where you are staying, this can actually be a really important part of your holiday too. Valencia gets wonderful weather, even during the traditionally ‘wintery’ seasons so make the most of the sunshine and outdoors too.

Set a budget for each day

When you are on holiday as a family, it can be easy to overspend and go a bit mad with your money. In order to stop you from going way over budget, it is a good idea to set a budget for each day and try not to go over this. You could withdraw money from the bank and put it in envelopes for each day, this way you know you can’t spend more than you need (just make sure to bring a card with you in the case of an emergency!) It is a good idea to also purchase tickets for attractions ahead of time as you can usually get discounts and then you know how much you have spent before going away.

Rent a car

With children, getting around can be a nightmare, particularly if they are young and need a pushchair and change bag. This is why it can be a good idea to rent a car that you can add in a car seat and load all their items for the day into the boot. Make sure you look up ahead of time where you can park the car and if there are any additional charges to pay for this.

These are just a few top tips for visiting Valencia in Spain this summer with kids. By following these tips you are sure to have the holiday of a lifetime where you get to do everything you want and it will be a trip that you will always remember. Be sure to take a camera and take plenty of photos to look back on!

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