super language school to learn Spanish

The importance of choosing a super language school to learn Spanish

One of the best ways to learn a foreign language is to be immersed in the country itself, in its culture and everyday experiences. Learning to speak Spanish while in the country is hugely beneficial. I have spent quite a lot of time in Spain over the years and I’ve also attended multiple Spanish classes while in the UK. The times when I’ve felt I’ve got the best grip on the language have most definitely been when I’ve spent longer than a week or two in Spain. Spending time listening to, talking to and observing people speaking in the language you are learning is so important and putting your language skills into practice can be invaluable. But most importantly, choosing a super language is of such high importance too. Don’t rush when making your choice. Read this post first and then make an educated decision…

1) Experience everyday life

A great language school will encourage you to experience everyday life, such as visiting the supermarket or going to restaurants. Anywhere where you can listen to native Spanish speakers will help you. Try listening when people greet each other or when they order their food. I loved sitting on the beach and listening to families talking to each other and trying to decipher what they were saying.

2) Cultural learning

A super Spanish Language School will organise cultural visits and help you learn about Spanish history during lessons too. One of the advantages to learning in a foreign country is the ability to visit museums and places of cultural importance. You’ll get to experience the culture as a native, not just a tourist.

3) Fun

You’ll be encouraged to make friends with your classmates and social events will be organised for the weekends. By choosing a super language school you’ll get to experience Carnival days – and nights – and villages frozen in time. Beach trips will of course be on the agenda and meeting some of the locals is essential!

4) Great Spanish Teachers

Make sure you choose a school who places importance on their teachers. You’ll want teachers who are in love with what they do, their enthusiasm will be passed on to you and help you to learn. They will need to be experienced teachers to be able to utilise all the skills they’ve learnt over the years.

5) Amazing accommodation

Your Spanish Language School will need to provide accommodation near the school. Make sure that there is a high-speed internet connection so that you’re able to complete your work and stay in touch with those at home. You’ll also need a desk and a wardrobe of your own. Double check that there is air-conditioning which will be essential during the summer months and also heating for the winter.

I hope you found this post useful? Spanish is such a beautiful language and combined with the amazing culture, the fantastic native Spaniards people and the gorgeous landscape, this makes it a super language to study. Of course there are different ways of learning but ensuring you choose the bet language school for you will be a massive help. See you in Spain!

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