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The importance of children playing outdoors

We all know it’s good for children to play outdoors, but do we know why? Ever noticed how your kids sleep better when they’ve had fresh air? Well research has proven this to be true. We are usually more physically active outdoors, which is good for children’s health, but it can also lead to a healthier lifestyle in later life too.

You know the phrase, ‘Let’s clear away the cobwebs’, well again, getting fresh air and exercise can do the whole family a world of good, on a day where perhaps the mood is low for example. Being in nature, sparks interest and conversation in our natural environment, which as well as being a fun learning environment, helps children have a greater awareness of the environment and why we must protect it.

So that’s all well and good, but sometimes persuading our family to stop what they’re doing at home, put on some layers and go outdoors can be a battle.

Here’s some free and low-cost ideas that might help though…

1. Make the most of your garden

If you’re lucky enough to have a back garden, then investing in play equipment such as  swing set is a great low maintenance way for children to let off steam while you catch up on jobs. Wickey has an awesome selection to choose from and they can grow with your family and be as unique as you are, with extras like sandboxes, slides and climbing walls, in all shapes and sizes.

2. Walk this way!

If you love a simple walk in the great outdoors, but your children like nothing less, how about suggesting a nature trail? Just compile a list of objects to either spot and tick off or collect. Try taking the same walk at different times of the year to notice the change in seasons and take photographs to compare at home.

3. Wheels wheels wheels

Grab your scooters, bikes, roller skates, skateboards or even your fingerboard wheels and see the sights on wheels together.

4. Promise a picnic

Tempt them outdoors with the promise of an eco friendly picnic, packed with your favourite food in tupperware and reusable containers! There’s nothing like a bit of fresh air to whet the appetite and a picnic goes down well with family and friends of all ages!

5. Discover what’s on your doorstep…

Find out about local playgrounds in your area. Most towns and some villages, have extra sporting facilities too, such as outdoor tennis and basketball courts, football pitches, gyms and skate parks.

6. Events galore!

Look up local outdoor events – there’s usually a local fete, festival, market or similar spectacle to enjoy.

7. Be adventurous

Hook up with family and friends and go on an adventure – you can exchange your favourite places to go or try somewhere totally new together.

8. Discover a new talent

Grow vegetables and plant seeds in the garden or patio. Depending on the time of year, fruit or flower picking is a great way to get fresh air, while learning where food comes from.

9. Splashing in muddy puddles anyone?

If its raining, throw on some wellies and waterproofs and tell them it’s ok to get wet and muddy. Just watch their faces light up!

10. Don’t forget your furry friends

Visit a local zoo, wildlife or rescue centre to meet and observe the animals outdoors.

We hope your found this blog post inspiring? Sometimes we all need a little encouragement to get outdoors – whether we are adults or children. I don’t know about you, but I always feel better when I do go out. Have fun!

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