Eight Ways To Get Exercise On Vacation

A vacation is a time to relax, but if you take your health and wellbeing seriously, it can be hard to keep it up on vacation. A week or more off your exercise routine and diet can undo some of your hard work. On the other hand, you also don’t want to ruin your trip by spending it all worrying about workouts. Here are some ways to fit exercise into a vacation, while still having fun.

  1. Walk. Walking is a fantastic way to explore where you’re staying. Instead of taking taxis, try to walk more on your trip. Take a walk into the evening after dinner, or book onto walking tours to see the city or other area that you’re staying in. 
  2. Run. If you’re usually a runner, there’s no reason that you can’t carry on while you’re on vacation. Pack your running shoes, and look for a running route when you arrive. You could ask the hotel concierge for suggestions, or check a map for parks, promenades, or running trails. For a real challenge, run on the beach. 
  3. Cycling. Bike rides are great exercise and a fun way to explore the area. Look for somewhere to hire bikes near where you’re staying and get peddling. 
  4. Swim. Whether you’re staying near the sea, or somewhere with a pool, swimming is ideal. Floating in the pool is relaxing, but swimming is a great all over body workout. Get in the pool and swim some laps first thing in the morning to get your exercise in for the day. 
  5. Exercise classes. When you arrive at your hotel, see what exercise classes they offer. Most hotels offer lots of classes and activities, lots of which are great exercise. Look for things like yoga, water aerobics, Zumba, or anything else that takes your fancy. 
  6. Use the hotel gym. If you’re a gym bunny, you can keep up your routine in the hotel gym. Perhaps get up and get your workout done before breakfast, so you have the rest of your day to enjoy your trip and not worry about when you’re going to work out.
  7. Bodyweight exercises. If your hotel doesn’t have a gym, you can do bodyweight workouts in your hotel room. Look for videos on YouTube for no equipment workouts, and you can keep your fitness up until you can get back in the gym. If you have space in your bag, you could pack a resistance band to give some kit to use, without adding weight to the case. 
  8. Sports. Does your hotel have any sports that you can take part in? Some hotels have things like tennis courts that you can use. Choose something to get active, but that you will also find fun. Play tennis or another sport with the people you’re away with. 

 Ways To Get Exercise On Vacation

There’s no reason that you can’t fit exercise into your vacation, and still have an amazing time while you’re away. Whether you hit the gym, or just enjoy the hotel pool, you can stay active. 

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