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3 Tips for Researching Jungle Based Holidays

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For some of us, a relaxing beach holiday or city break just isn’t particularly appealing. While many people will use a holiday as an opportunity to kick back, unwind, and forget the stresses of everyday life, others yearn for adventure and excitement, with a holiday simply presenting a new chance to do something new.

As far as adventure holidays go, you’d be hard pushed to find one as thrilling as a trip into the jungle. Jungles are one of the planet’s last great, unexplored wildernesses, exploring them comes with the promise of discovering sights never before seen for human eyes. The thought of this has proved irresistible for many adventurers, with jungle trips becoming an increasingly popular holiday choice. If you’re planning a trip into the rainforest, planning and research is essential. We’ve put together a guide with some top tips you need to follow before booking up your jungle holiday. Read on to find out more.

Set your Goals

Holidays come in all shapes and sizes, with jungle holidays being no exception. Knowing what you expect to get out of your trip can help you plan effectively and confirm some of the main decisions. If you’re looking for thrills and you don’t mind a bit of danger you might want to look for more remote locations. However, these kinds of trips are not for the inexperienced and proper training and education is absolutely paramount.

For a less arduous jungle holiday you could look at more popular destinations. These will often come with some of the amenities and services you’d expect from a holiday while also offering the sense of adventure only a trip into the jungle can provide. Booking guided tours can be a fantastic way to experience the grandeur of the rainforest while ensuring you remain safe. What’s more, tour guides will know the area well and be able to provide all sorts of information on local animal and plant life.

Establish your goals and objectives early on in the planning stage, this will allow you to draw up a list of potential destinations before evaluating each in more detail. Doing so will ensure you get the best possible jungle holiday experience.

Think about the Weather

Jungles feature heavily in popular culture, due mostly to their mysterious, exotic nature and abundance of wonderful plant and animal life. We can see their influence everywhere, from film and TV shows, fiction and non-fiction books to video games. In fact, the advance of online casinos and igaming platforms have led to a mind-boggling number of jungle-based online casino slots to play.

However, one aspect of the jungle that is often overlooked in its media depictions is the weather, which can be unpredictable and often extreme. While the weather is an important factor for any holiday, it can have an enormous impact on adventure trips when you spend most of your time outdoors and can even be a matter of life and death in dangerous situations.

Jungles are tropical, which means they are hot all year. Temperatures can be high during the day then drop to relatively cold during the night. You’ll need to pack to accommodate these temperature shifts to ensure you stay comfortable during your trip.

Jungles are notoriously humid, with this humidity giving rise to significant rainfall. This is what gives jungles the name rainforests. They can often see upwards of 1000 cm of precipitation per year. Unlike other countries that experience monsoons, jungles have no set rainy seasons, and you can expect to get wet year-round. This is an important factor that you’ll need to consider when planning and packing for your trip.

Pack Accordingly

More so than for other holidays, packing the right clothing and equipment is essential for a jungle holiday. Not only will you need to be prepared for extreme changes in weather and swings in temperature, but you’ll also need to be ready for a physically demanding trip that will often require trekking over varied and sometimes dangerous terrain.

Comfortable, breathable clothes are important for staying comfortable in the humidity, while durable, sturdy walking boots will support you as you explore the rainforest. On any physical holiday, injuries can occur. Make sure you’re equipped with a fully stocked first aid kit should you get hurt or injured on your trip.

The jungle is home to innumerable bugs and insects, many of which can pose an annoyance or even a health hazard to adventurers. Bring mosquito repellant and a mosquito net to keep the bloodsuckers away.

Finally, don’t forget a camera and a set of binoculars. Jungles are among the most incredible places on the planet, and you’ll see things you’ll never get to see anywhere else. Binoculars will help you spot animals in the distance, while a camera will allow you to freeze moments in time to immortalise and reinforce memories that will last a lifetime.


A jungle holiday can be one of the most exciting and memorable trips you’ll ever take. Research and plan your journey properly to ensure you make the most of your time in the rainforest. 

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