Best Wildlife Attractions in Hong Kong

Best Wildlife Attractions in Hong Kong

Looking for an international wildlife experience? Then head to Hong Kong today by booking your flights through Cathay Pacific! At first glance, Hong Kong may seem like a concrete jungle with skyscrapers. But you would surely be surprised to learn that more than 40% of its land area is occupied by natural reserves and forests. Hong Kong presents a wide array of wildlife that is endemic and interesting. You can spot out many great things that you have never seen before. They will be lifelong experiences for everyone, especially animal lovers. Check into the following list of wildlife attractions to find the best out of the best!

Hong Kong Wetland Park

Hong Kong Wetland Park creates a wonderful contrast in Hong Kong to see the green landscape through the uplifted skyscrapers that makes your visit interesting. It encompasses a wide area of 60 hectares on land. There are beautifully created man-made habitats for water birds. While leading through walking trails you can learn many things about Hong Kong’s native flora and fauna. Keep your cameras ready to capture green turtle, mouse deer and fiddler crab at its Living Wetland Gallery! It includes an indoor play area, a theatre, a souvenir shop and a resource centre. Hong Kong Wetland Park records the highest current temperature in the city.

Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden

Originally built to aid the poor farmers, Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden were later extended as a biodiversity conservation spot in Hong Kong. It also serves as a wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and holistic education centre. It spreads over 148 hectares on land with slopes, forests and a valley. Your legs will surely get restless as its walking trails are laid over 8km between vegetable terraces, theme gardens and streams. It is such a nice escape from the bustling city life! It brings you an amazing collection of animals from rescued animals and snakes to farm animals and garden butterflies.

Mai Po Nature Reserve

Mai Po Nature Reserve is a wetland that stands on the key routes of the seasonal migratory birds. Therefore, every autumn, winter and early spring in Hong Kong offer nature lovers a great opportunity to watch migratory birds at ease. But allocating a permit in advance is a must. Summers are abundant with fireflies and dragonflies while lots of waders roam during springs and winters. Nature is nicely conserved in this precious place where visitors can always get pleasant sceneries.   This is a perfect spot to relax together with fantastic birds to watch!

Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens

Thinking of checking into a family-friendly wildlife destination? Hurry to the Zoological and Botanical Gardens in Hong Kong. It keeps open for visitors from very early morning. This becomes the oldest park in Hong Kong originally comprising 5.6 hectares but currently split into two portions, where one for mammals and reptiles blended in nice landscapes and the other portion houses a garden with a bird enclosure, flowerbeds, walking paths and a children playground. Overall, those two sections can be explored within 2 hours for each or longer depending on how much you enjoy the wildlife and birdlife available to be seen.

Best Wildlife Attractions in Hong Kong

Yan Chau Tong

Wildlife is found not only among thick green forests but also in marine environments. If you drive to the northeast coast of Plover Cove country park you could come across the marine park, Yan Chau Tong. It was originally built encompassing 680 hectares but currently available as two portions. Activities related to the fishery are widely done here and yet claims rich ecology with mangroves and seagrass beds. It also boasts a wide array of landforms such as rock cliffs, sand pits, peninsulas, bays, projected headlands and beaches. Marine invertebrates are abundant in their ecological habitats. Just insert a glance at sea urchins and other coastal marine lives.

Pok Fu Lam

Pok Fu Lam is a well-shaded country park perfect for summer weekends with your whole family! It boasts a species of monkey native to Hong Kong, but inside cages. One who goes to Victoria Peak hardly misses this lovely country park. The scenery throughout is lush, green and forested. Originally it was built to provide hiking trails for tourists which are still available in the same condition. In addition to the hikes within Pok Fu Lam, you will find a small reservoir and four masonry bridges, which add a bit of historical value to the park. Wandering between the plenty of greens soothes your irritated minds for sure!

Monkey Hill

Are you a person who loves hiking, panoramic scenery and monkeys? Drive to the Monkey Hill country park. As depicted in the name this area is like a kingdom of monkeys. But don’t be scared as they very rarely attack people. There are plenty of wild walking and hiking opportunities for tourists in this great mountainous woodland. The higher you go up on the road, the more stunning views you could grasp. The scenery around the reservoir is breathtaking! Both adults and kids can acquire a wonderful experience as almost every step of the way reveals more and more to see that hugs natural environment.

Hong Kong Dolphin Watch

Do you want to get in closer proximity to those cute pink mammals in the sea? Then join one of the tours organized by an ecotourism operator in Hong Kong. Pink dolphins belong to the category of endangered species. As soon as you enter the open sea area get ready to watch little fish jumping chased by pink dolphins. Just like walking in the jungle and watching animals, boating on the sea and watching marine creatures is also a kind of awesome wildlife experience!

Aberdeen Country Park

Aberdeen Country Park is a beautiful and unique country park standing on the southern end of Hong Kong. This is one of the oldest country parks in Hong Kong which is built surrounding two reservoirs. Anyone standing on Peak Road and Guildford Road can also appreciate the scenery of the park. Those well-shaded woods are populated by birds, especially black-eared kites who are always flying around the reservoirs. You may also catch a glimpse of a pangolin or squirrel.

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