reasons to return to Corfu in Greece

10 reasons to return to Corfu in Greece

This Summer we returned to Corfu for the third time. This is one of the rare islands I have visited several times and still want to go back to. Usually I visit a place and although I might really like it, I feels like there are so many places to discover, so we usually don’t end up returning again.

However Corfu ticks a lot of our boxes as a family of five and we have even booked a holiday there for 2022!

So here are my top 7 reasons to return to Corfu in Greece:

The views

Oh my goodness the views! You may need to drive up and down twisted and steep hills to get to where you are staying but I promise the steeper the hill, the better the view. The views looking down onto Agios Gordios are breathtaking and towards the north of the island in Kassiopi too.

The weather

I have moved this up towards the top of the list because a sun holiday for me without the sun can be a complete disaster. However there’s no reason to worry about this on Corfu. We have visited in May, July and September and always had wonderful weather. There might have been the very occasional cloudy day in September but it meant that the waves at the beach were bigger and a lot of fun! The climate on Corfu is fantastic and even though it is only a 3.5 hour flight from the UK, it feels like you have gone a lot further.

The people

The Greeks are always so friendly, easy going and are what separates visiting Greece from other destinations (which will rename nameless). Each year we return to the same place, we get to the know the people that live there even better. This Summer was tough for them but they kept on smiling the whole way through it and we always receive such a warm welcome from them.

reasons to return to Corfu in Greece

The food

Need I explain? The only problem with the food in Greece is trying to choose what to go for. From fresh seafood to homemade humous, taramasalata and moussaka, it can be a tricky decision.

Other favourites include saganaki, souvlaki and pastitsio. There are tons of Greek dishes to try too and they all feel quite varied. Of course we enjoy food from other cuisines while there too. The restaurants on Corfu can serve up a tasty wood-fired pizza or fillet steak if you fancy it. Plus much more! What are your favourite traditional Greek foods? Please do let us know in the comments below…

The relaxed vibe on Corfu

I feel like the vibe in Greece is so much more relaxed than in other places. On Corfu, anything goes! If you choose to dress up for dinner than you are more than welcome to do that but if you would prefer to stay casual, that’s fine too. Nobody seems to be in a rush and although there are plenty of gorgeous bars and restaurants, I think there is always a relaxed vibe no matter where you go on Corfu.

There’s a great selection of places to stay too whether you are planning to book somewhere upmarket or are looking for a self catering bargain, there is something for everyone. The Voyage Privé website had some super options to choose from on there.

reasons to return to Corfu in Greece

The beaches

It’s hard to choose a favourite but I think for me, it has to be the beach at Agios Gordios. We do love Kassiopi too and the beach at Arillas but overall, the beach at Agios Gordios has a huge amount to offer – soft sand, loads of sun-loungers, decent waves, not far from any of the accommodation, stunning scenery, restaurants nearby (along the boardwalk) and it never feels overcrowded. There are loads of other beaches which we plan to explore on our next visit too. Watch this space!

The landscape

Corfu has an almost tropical climate. During low season, there is apparently quite a bit of rain which means that the greenery thrives and the island has a significant tropical feel. You’ll notice all the greenery on your way to your resort and at some of the resorts, such as Agios Gordios, you can even see if from the beach and pool. There’s not many places like that elsewhere.

Have you been to Corfu or anywhere else in Greece? If so, what did you think of it? Let me know in the comments below.

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