Common bike repairs

Beginner’s Guide to Common Bike Repairs

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There are many wonderful things about the biking lifestyle. One of the most profound benefits is a feeling of freedom as you take off for new and familiar destinations. If you are new to biking, though, you might have a sense of worry as you get further and further from home. A common worry for riders is: What if I break down? It is a good question. While most bikes go hundreds and hundreds of miles without problems, it is a good idea to know how to fix a bent rim on a bike as well as perform other repairs. A bent rim usually occurs after you have hit a large bump, pothole or curb hard enough to bend the metal. If the damage is minor, your best bet is to turn around and head home. If you have a spoke wrench on your person, you can use this tool to get the rim back in true again. It takes a little practice, but it can be accomplished in about ten minutes. If the job is too much for your skills, have a friend help you or take it to the bike shop.

Chain Issues

For beginners, the chain on a bike looks somewhat intimidating. You are probably just hoping it does what it is supposed to do so you can keep riding. Now and then, though, the chain will become stuck or it will fall off completely. These are simple fixes. You will want to wear gloves and carry a multi-tool for repairs. A stuck chain can usually be worked free with a little force, while a loose chain can just be put back onto the teeth of the cassette. You might also encounter bike chain slipping, a problem that can be solved as follows:

  • Put the bike in park and shift down to the smallest cog
  • Tweak the barrel adjuster on the derailleur by twisting it away from you
  • Shift the bike to see if the situation is improved
  • Keep moving the barrel adjuster to add or release tension
  • Adjust the derailleur cable and limiting screw as needed

With the right tweaks, you can get the chain back in perfect position. Again, practice makes perfect, and online tutorials can be a big help.

Electric Bike Problems

It is nice to have some backup power in case you need it. Electric bikes give you this sense of extra capacity should you need it. With some bike problems, you will be able to use the motor to get yourself back home. If you are worried about the motor giving out on you, just know that as long as you charge the battery regularly and pay attention to your LCD display you should be in good shape. Not only is the battery-powered motor smooth and powerful, it is also very reliable. The more you know about your bike, the more confident you will feel, and with this comes a true sense of freedom. Always carry a bike repair kit and a cell phone, ride with friends and family when possible and continue to learn about the features of your bike.

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