Your Travel Bucket List

Family Activities To Add To Your Travel Bucket List

When you go travelling you always think about what different places you want to visit and where in the world you want to go, but another important thing you need to think about is what kind of things you want to do and experience. Travelling as a family can be quite different, you aren’t always able to go away for long periods of time so you want to make sure you make the most of the time you have away and plan and prepare in advance. There is so much to see in the world and it is always great to add culture and different experiences to your children’s lives from an early age. It will help them develop, help with their education, empathy and see how the rest of the world lives. Here are some great activities you can do travelling which is fun for all the family. 

Turtle Hatching Is A Once In A Lifetime Thing

Unless you live in places where you know this happens a lot it is very unlikely that you have ever seen turtles hatching out of their eggs. It is an incredible thing to see and thanks to the start of the film Moana something kids would love to experience. Being able to see the turtles and help shoo away any birds that may try to get them will be such a wholesome and heartwarming experience. There are lots of places all over the world where you can experience this. It is good to do some research as there are only particular times they hatch too. An example of somewhere you can go is in Turkey. In Turkey, there is a narrow strip of sand which is near the Daylan River which is a beautiful place to visit anyway but is commonly called Turtle beach so it is quite clear you will be able to see it there. 

Going Fishing Is a Great Thing To Do 

Fishing is an activity you can do in most places near the sea. There are normally groups and boat trips you can take if you aren’t confident to do it alone. It is all about patience and skill and a great thing for kids to learn about early on. You can get different things to get them excited about it beforehand like their own little fishing rod and tackle that you can get from an online carp tackle shop

Exploring Nature Around Them

Nature is a wonderful thing and wherever you visit there will be something new and exciting to see. There is so much you can look at like animals, trees, plants and everything in between. Exploring the natural world can teach your children so much and is so good for them/ Being in nature has been proven to help reduce anxiety and stress so it can help them feel calmer. It also lets out their adventurous side and imagination. You can make scavenger hunts so they can collect and explore things as well as see the different things in the different places they visit.

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