Jaques London Toy Review

Review: Magnetic My First Calendar & Reward Chart | Jaques of London

Find out what we thought about the magnetic first calendar and reward chart from family run UK store, Jaques of London…

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We have been enjoying the gorgeous toys from Jaques of London for many years now but this is the first time we have reviewed any of their magnetic toys.

Jaques is one of the oldest toys and games manufacturers in the world and from my initial search on the website, you can see why it is so appealing to parents looking for high quality educational toys toys and games. Jaques have some terrifically traditional items which are well-made, colourful and durable.

We have teamed up with Jaques to offer 15% off your purchase which we hope you’ll enjoy too – find out more about below…

Jaques London Toy Review

More about Jaques….

Jaques has been around since 1795 and is a well loved family run toys and games retailer which has been passed down through eight generations. Fun fact! Jaques is actually responsible for inventing many well-known games such as Croquet, The Staunton Chess Set, Ping Pong, Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, and many more. How cool is that?

You’ll see from the site that Jaques online is full of terrific wooden toys for children, many of which are educational and all of which are colourful and engaging. So what did we think of the magnetic toys? Keeping reading to find out!

Jaques London Toy Review

Magnetic My First Calendar

If you live in the UK or are from the UK, you’ll know that a lot of us are obsessed with the weather. So it’s only natural that this has been passed down to our kids too!

The Magnetic Calender for Kids from Jaques is an ideal calendar for children aged 3 and above. All three of my kids (ages 2, 6 and 9) really enjoy playing with it, though the 6 year old has hung it up in his room. They love choosing the day of the week, highlighting what the weather is that day and including the date.

The calendar is so helpful with encouraging the kids to learn the names of the 12 months of the year and really grasping the concept of the dates, seasons and weather.

I love that it is magnetic and it is so simple to use. It hangs beautifully on the wall in my home and there are spaces for each of the magnetics to fit on the calendar, so you won’t have any extra little bits that could potentially be lost.

Jaques London Toy Review

Since we first got the calendar, my daughter’s knowledge of dates has definitely improved. She is definitely beginning to recognise the numbers

It educates children on a range of key life skills, such as seasons, weather, months and days of the weeks. Children will begin to recognise the names of months and days, associating them with seasons and weather.

I love that it can be reused again and again and is suitable for children with a range of ages. Although my daughter can’t read the months yet, her brothers can help with that while she can choose the season.

Jaques London Toy Review

Magnetic Reward Chart

I don’t think I know any children who aren’t incentivised by a reward! Am I right or am I right?! I have been promising to get one of these for ages and when the chart arrived and I put it up on the wall, my sons were delighted with it!

The magnetic reward chart is suitable for 2 children. You can write their names on either size of it and there’s a set of magnetic ‘stars’ and another set of ‘thumbs up’ which can be used as counters for the rewards.

There are lots of reward options to choose from for different tasks including:

  • Get dressed
  • Do homework
  • Make your bed
  • Share
  • Read a book
  • Say Please and Thank you

You can decide together which tasks should go up on the chart and then reqard the child with a star or thumbs up each time they complete one of the tasks. The overall reward for achieving a certain number of stars or thumbs up can be written onto the board and then rubbed off once it has been achieved.

Again this is another fantastic product from Jaques and has helped to really encourage my kids to take more responsibility for their things at home as well as some of the ‘chores’ I have been trying to get them to do for ages. They see it as a fun thing but also love the idea of being able to visually see their progress towards getting their big reward!

Jaques London Toy Review

What were our overall thoughts?

Jaques toys are so well made, often educational and just go that extra mile. They mix tradition with fun and colour and I would be happy to give them as a gift to any of the family or friends. Equally my children love the Jaques toys too and I love the sustainable side to them.

The calendar and rewards chart are both appealing to look at too and I would have no hesitations with hanging them up at home.

A very special offer for you!

I’m delighted to be able to team up with Jaques to offer readers  15% off your purchase. Spend some time scrolling through the site and let us know what you think about the products too? Happy shopping!

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