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4 indoor activities to keep the kids occupied and engaged

The period of time following Christmas and New Year can be quite a tricky time if you have children. It’s difficult to get out and about without being covered in mud and there are only so many freezing trips to the playground you can make. Help is at hand with our top 4 indoor activities to keep the kids occupied and engaged through a variety of ways.

1. Dobble

Dobble is a simple game which can be played across all ages from approximately 4 years old upward (although it is advertised at 6 years +). It is a game of finding two matching symbols. As your children get older they will be able to play with more speed. We absolutely love this game in our house.

2. The power of online

There are some fantastic online options our there for keeping the kids entertained which don’t include expensive games consoles. Culinary School is an amazing find. These online games are advertisement free and offer a fun learning experience. So many parents worry about what their children are doing online but this combines safety and the online experience of food or cooking in one package.

The Tom and Jerry Show Music Maker App

My eldest child (9 years) loves the Sweety Cooking Chocolate Cake Baking game, she is able to read all the items needed, achieve all the steps and complete it successfully. My youngest (5 years) loves music and has played the Tom and Jerry Show Music Maker game over and over. Each food object is pre-assigned a noise and you can decide what noise plays when Tom and Jerry pass it. You might want to give them headphones for this one!

3. Puzzles all the way!

Puzzles are one of our go-to activities for entertaining the children, particularly if we all need to settle down a bit. One of our latest purchases was a puzzle board which zips up so we don’t have to have all the pieces out if it’s a puzzle that will take longer than one sitting to do. Asking everyone to find the pieces with the straight lines first works really well for all ages. It’s a good grounding exercise which I find makes everyone focus on the moment. When the weather brightens up, you could even take it outside and do it in the garden.

4. Fun-time bath-time

We have a ‘Funday Friday’ in our house which means that the children get pancakes for breakfast, a little tub of sweeties after school and pizza for dinner. They have a bath and then settle down to watch a film. To make bath time more fun on a Friday (in keeping with the Funday Friday theme) I put glow sticks in the bath, in equal number so that there aren’t arguments, and add some bubble bath. We then turn the lights off which makes bath-time a lot more fun. It’s so simple but keeps the children busy for ages. This is a lovely way for them to think up games using their imagination. You could even add a battery-operated disco light and some music. You know you want to!

I hope you liked these ideas and might try some of them yourself too? There are lots of budget friendly ways to entertain the kids indoors. You just need to give it a go…

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