GP016 - What To Consider When Choosing and Using a Triple Stroller

What To Consider When Choosing and Using a Triple Stroller

The question that arises when shopping for a triple stroller is whether it’s worth the money and the effort. Some of these models have more space and are difficult to maneuver, while others are lightweight and compact. Some parents decide to go for a double stroller instead of a triple stroller, but choosing a double stroller for two children may be a more expensive option since you will need add-ons to carry the third child.

Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect stroller and considerations that come along with using your chosen best triple stroller. Once you’ve made your decision, you can focus on choosing the right model for your needs.

Considerations When Choosing A Triple Stroller

Safety Harness

A triple stroller is a great way to get three kids out and about in one go. While you’re on the market for a three-wheeler, be sure to look for features such as good, secure harnesses for added safety. The best triple stroller should have safety features that can protect your child in case of an accident, and this includes a 5-point harness which is the safest option.These features are important in order to keep your children safe and comfortable as you and your family travel outdoors

Children’s Size and Weight

The size of your baby will influence the style of the triple stroller you choose. You may need to look for a stroller that can accommodate a taller back if you have bigger sized or tall toddlers. You may also need a different configuration as opposed to side-by-side stroller style if you have three kids of different ages. In such cases, you’ll need to find one with three adjustable seats. 

If you have three babies, you’ll want to buy one that has three car seats. And since you’re buying one for more than one child, you’ll need to consider the weight of all your children. 

Wheels, Configuration and Terrain

Another consideration is the terrain that you plan to use the stroller on. A stroller like the Mixx has all-wheel suspension for a smooth ride, so can handle a wide variety of terrain, plus its smooth maneuverability allows you to push with one hand. A regular stroller won’t be able to handle rough terrain, while a triple jogger is ideal for parents with multiple kids having an active lifestyle that may include hiking or jogging on rugged terrains. Usually, these types of strollers will have rubber tires for ease of traversing on such terrains as compared to the plastic EVA wheels that offer little friction, which can be dangerous on rough terrains.

If you plan on using the triple stroller for hiking or jogging, make sure to select a stroller that’s designed for the terrain you’ll be traveling over. The type of triple jogger stroller will have to fit the needs of your family. 

There are several types of these strollers. You can choose a tandem or a side-by-side triple-jogger style, or a sit-and-stand style. In addition to seating arrangements, you should also consider the age of your children. Depending on the ages of your children, you’ll want to choose one with more than one seat. You’ll have to take into consideration the type of suspension system that enables the seats to stay stable.

Can Fit Through Doors

It is also important to choose a model that can fit through most doors. The Foundations triple stroller is a good choice if you have a small child and a large toddler and the Mixx is also a great option too. It will be sturdy, but it isn’t too heavy and will fit through doorways. Some triple strollers have an in-line configuration so this will make strolling through doors a breeze but may be bulkier in terms of pushing the gear with.

Handlebars and Parking Brakes

The handlebar is another important feature that you should pay close attention to. It should be comfortable and durable. You should also ensure the parking brakes are safe and easy to operate, since you will be carrying three children at the same time. 

Some strollers feature a foot-operated brake while some offer an easy hand-operated brake system, so check and test which one is most comfortable and easy for you to ensure your children’s safety when pausing the ride.


There are more considerations when choosing and using a triple stroller apart from looking at the price of the stroller that it should be affordable. A three-jogger is an essential part of any family’s life consisting of three young kids, so it’s important to choose one that meets all of these requirements. Once you have decided on a good triple stroller, the next step is to decide on the features that you’d like.

All triple strollers have a similar number of features, so you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the right one for your needs. Be sure to test them out wherever possible before you go ahead with your purchase. After all, you want to get the best and safest triple stroller to bring your children for a fun, safe outing together.

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