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How to keep your children entertained on a family caravan holiday

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It’s that time of year again, when you start planning your family holiday. And where else is better than a UK staycation in the comfiest of caravans! 

Sure to be jam-packed with excitement and adventure, a caravan holiday can also throw up some hiccups along the way, when it comes the never-ending task as a parent of finding ways to keep your kids entertained. 

So, we’ll take you through some easy tips and tricks to do just that! Your caravan holidays have never been so good! 

1. Bring some home comforts with you 

The best way to settle your kids in when you arrive at your caravan, is with some familiar things from home. Not only will they provide some comfort, but you’ll know they are guaranteed to keep your little ones occupied. 

When you’re renting your accommodation, make sure to pack their favourite cuddly bear, dolls and action figures to provide some familiarity, and give them the option to play with their favourite toys. 

If you have your own static caravan, then why not store some extra toys in your holiday home all year round, so you’ll always have some to hand for your children to play with. 

You can also do the same with books and colouring pads

Pack some of their all-time favs for the trip, or with your own holiday home, invest in a bookcase which can hold a supply of books, puzzles and paper, for whenever you visit. 

2. Make the most of on-site activities and facilities 

Before you book your accommodation, or when looking into purchasing your own holiday home, the location is the most important part. 

Will your kids prefer exploring the surrounding woods on their bikes, adventuring in the tree tops? Or would they rather build the ultimate sandcastle on a coastal getaway? 

When you know the answer to these questions, you can pick the best place for your family holiday. 

But it’s not just your surroundings which can offer heaps of entertainment. There may be plenty going on right on the doorstop of your caravan, if you pick the right place. 

Make sure your chosen destination has plenty of activities running at the time of your visit. You might find the holiday park offers archery or water sports, which are sure to fill up your kid’s days with lots of fun! 

Or perhaps the site has a kids club, where you can leave your little ones to their own devices, safe in the hands of childcare experts and guaranteed to have a whole range of things to do. 

If you were researching Away Resorts static caravans for sale, for example, then take into consideration the location and facilities of your potential holiday park of choice, to see if they offer all the activities you need to keep your little ones entertained. 

With a day full of exciting activities, the more tired your children will be by the end of the day, and more likely they (and you) will get a good night’s sleep — win-win for everyone! 

3. Always be prepared — especially for a rainy day 

We all know what the UK’s weather can be like, and regardless of when you take your family on holiday to a caravan, there’s more than likely to be a day of rain. 

So, be prepared for it. 

If you’re renting a caravan, pack some classic board games and family favourites, which will keep you all entertained whilst being stuck indoors. 

Or if you own your own caravan, make sure you have some timeless games stored away for such an occasion.

Playing board games can be a great way to spend some quality time together without screens, as you enjoy the sound of rain against the caravan roof. 

Plus, you can let’s your child’s competitive streak shine! 

These are just some of the ways you can make sure your kids have the best time away on a caravan holiday. And with your little ones entertained, you can also relax on your well-deserved break. Parenting is hard work after all!

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